Whether working on the front lines as part of law enforcement or behind the scenes helping prosecute or rehabilitate offenders, criminal justice professionals work in a wide variety of careers and play a vital role in the safety and protection of our citizens and society.

Why You Should Choose Manor

Manor College’s criminal justice degree program prepares its graduates to meet these challenges through study of (1) crime and criminal behavior; (2) the structure, workings, actors and agencies that are part of the criminal justice system; and (3) how crime impacts social, political and economic issues on local, state, national and global levels.

The primary objective of the Criminal Justice Degree Program at Manor College is to provide students with 21st century comprehensive training in criminal law, criminal investigation, law enforcement, legal procedures, criminology and evidence.  Through exposure to theory and practice, graduates with a degree in criminal justice will be prepared for a variety of career and/or transfer paths that will allow them to make a difference in the administration of justice.

To achieve these objectives, our college for criminal justice degree is designed to ensure that each student develops:

  • the ability to critically evaluate and apply solutions to key criminal justice issues.
  • the ability to communicate competently in both written and oral form with a diverse population.
  • an understanding of the professional and ethical obligations associated with a career in criminal justice.


Manor College Partners with Widener University Delaware Law School

Under the agreement, Manor students will be admitted to Delaware Law after completing just three years of undergraduate study at Manor if they have completed 75% of their bachelor degree, earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher every semester at Manor, achieved an LSAT score that meets or exceeds the median LSAT score of Delaware Law’s most recent entering class, satisfied all Delaware Law admissions requirements relating to character and fitness, and submitted a completed application by April 1 of the calendar year in which they intend to enroll. The program is intended to save students time and expense allowing for the completion of both degrees in six years instead of seven. Learn more here.

Career Opportunities

Graduates who earn an Associate Degree in the Criminal Justice Program can:

Work in a variety of entry-level positions in corrections and the court system, workplace and private security, and as private and insurance investigators, safety officers and security patrol officers.  The program also offers the academic preparation students may need to enter into law enforcement training. Watch this video to learn more career options with an A.S. degree in Criminal Justice.

Stay at Manor to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in criminal justice or one of many related fields such as social work.

Meet Rashanah

A Criminal Justice major and student award winner

Meet Professor Mary Sims, JD

Professor, Director of Criminal Justice and Public Policy