Student Grievance Reporting Procedure – Non-Academic

1. Students should direct all grievances and concerns related to all non-academic matters to the Dean of Students.

2. A Student Grievance Reporting Form (Non-Academic) must be completed and submitted to the Dean of Students (office located in Mother of Perpetual Help Hall, second floor or by emailing

3. The Dean of Students will schedule a time to meet with all parties to discuss the situation and determine the action to be taken.

4. The student may appeal the decision before the Student Conduct Appeals Committee.  (Refer to Appeal Procedure)

This form is intended for use by any student wishing to make a formal complaint about a person, policy or college process. If a student feels that there has been a violation of the Manor College Student Code of Conduct, then the appropriate form to use is the Incident Report Form, which is available in the Public Safety Office or online