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The Student Senate of Manor College is ordained and established under the advisement of the Dean of Students and in accordance with Manor College’s Mission Statement. Through Senate, students may participate in policy-making and effecting campus change. Manor College Senators are given the opportunity to represent the entire student body, shape the cadre of activities and events offered at Manor, and head all student clubs. Senate sponsors leadership activities and various volunteer and charity initiatives. As student leaders, Senate members must exemplify a responsible lifestyle at Manor College by demonstrating moral, social and intellectual fortitude.

To join or learn more information, please contact the Student Senate Advisor, Allison Mootz at

2018-2019 Student Senate

Lynette Lark

Vice President
Amy Daskilewicz

Secretary/International Relations
Destinye Andrews


Events Coordinator

Residence Hall Representative

 Campus Ministry Representative
Amy Daskilewicz

Athletic Representative

Christopher Fisher, Daimeira Huguly-Malone, Zach Metz, Mathison Chicetawn, Grace Torres

Each year, Student Senate works diligently to research, prepare, and present issues of concern to the Manor College administration. Many of the issues presented have resulted in favorable outcomes for the student body. Some of the effective changes that Student Senate has helped to bring to the attention of administration include:
  • Bird Feed (food pantry)
  • Manor Van and Bus
  • New desks in classrooms
  • Student Lounge design
  • Ice Cream in Manny’s Market
  • Scoreboard for Soccer Field
  • Food and drink in the library spaces