Training Resources for Title IX Members

Annual Training for ALL Title IX Members 

All Title IX members have been trained through D. Stafford and Associates.  In the Summer of 2020, all Title IX members were trained in the new Title IX regulations that were released by the State Department of Education.  The training material can be found HERE.

Additional Training 

Below please find additional training resources that some, if not all, Title IX members have participated in.  All Title IX members participate in a variety of additional training in the form of webinars and seminars that provide new and up to date information regarding sexual misconduct and Title IX.  Manor College has not been given the permission to publish online the training materials from these sources, however, hard copies of the resources may be viewed in person upon request.  To make a request, please email Title IX Coordinator at and state which resources you would like to view along with possible dates.

  • TIX Education Specialists 
    • Title IX Hearing Officer Training (Online training – 2022)
    • Slides available upon request