Christie Prince, MS. Director of Counseling
Located in the Mother of Perpetual Help often referred
to  as “Academic Building”, second floor
Phone:  215-885-6299 or 215-885-2360 x 279.

Students seek personal counseling for many reasons:  stress, relationship problems, substance use, addictions, grief and loss, feeling overwhelmed or confused, roommate problems, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, difficulty with making decisions, sexual assault, abuse, worries about the future and problems managing emotions.

Don’t wait.  Seeking help early can prevent minor challenges from becoming major difficulties. *

Among other things, we can help you:

– Adjust to college
– Improve self-esteem
– Develop assertive communication
– Learn stress management techniques
– Handle academic underachievement
– Deal with loss (due to a death or break-up)
– Cope with physical or sexual assault or abuse
– Learn to set healthy boundaries in relationships
– Determine whether you have a problem such as depression, addiction or eating disorder
– Balance personal, academic and social demands

We also have:

– Informational handouts on many psychological topics
– Referral information on area resources, including clinics, private therapists, and 12-step recovery

Information About Drugs and Alcohol.

Manor College Alcohol and Drug Policy
Am I Alcoholic Quiz
Am I Drug Addicted Quiz 

Information about sexual assault:

Awareness and Prevention of Sexual Assault

* Please note:  The Counseling Department does not provide comprehensive mental health services or around the clock staffing.  As such, students with a mental health diagnosis requiring on-going therapy or medical management are strongly advised to continue treatment with their outside mental health providers.  It is also recommended that they introduce themselves to the professional counselors in the Counseling Department to establish a relationship of support for their time at Manor.