Classification of Status

All applicants pursuing college-credit studies at Manor are classified into one of three categories:

  1. Full-Time Student: minimum of 12 credits/semester toward a degree, certificate or transfer program.
  2. Part-Time Student: 1 to 11 credits toward a degree, certificate or transfer program.
  3. Non-Degree Student: 1 to 11 credits (certain course prerequisites may be required).


Admissions Policy

The Admissions Committee selects those applicants who appear best qualified to participate in and profit from a program of study at Manor College. Consideration is given to the applicant’s scholastic record, and standardized test scores. Manor is open to qualified applicants of all races, creeds and national origins.

Any of the following will be considered a prospective student:

  1. A high school graduate.
  2. A transfer student from another institution of higher learning.
  3. A high school student who has just completed his/her junior year of high school.
  4. A person who has earned a GED (General Educational Development) diploma.
  5. Any person desiring to take a course as a non-degree student (prerequisite may apply).
  6. Home-schooled applicants will be reviewed on an individual basis (SAT/ACT and  GED requirements will apply).
  7. Application deadline date for the Fall semester is August 15th. Note: Completion of the Admissions process for the Dental Hygiene program is February 1st.


Admissions Procedures

The following materials must be submitted to:

Office of Admissions, Manor College, 700 Fox Chase Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046:

  1. Online admissions application
  2. Official High School Transcript (transfer students must include any/all college or other postsecondary transcripts)
  3. If applicable, GED scores and diploma
  4. SAT or ACT scores are required if under 21 years of age (Manor’s SAT code is 2260, ACT code is 3628). Note: that Manor College reserves the right to include SAT/ACT scores for applicants over the age of 21 who are applying for a competitive program that has licensing and/or certification exam requirements for employment.  (Reading, Math, and Essay Scores are required).
  5. Home-schooled applicants must also submit proof of successful completion of a high school diploma as stipulated by a regionally-accredited Home School Association.


Action on Applications

Manor has a rolling admissions policy. Applications are processed throughout the year in the order in which they are received. Students are notified of the admissions decisions within two weeks of completing all procedures. All admissions conditions must be satisfactorily met before an acceptance is offered. Acceptances may be rescinded if future information is proven to be false or negative.

Non-Degree Students

Applicants wishing to enroll for credit coursework for the purpose of transferring credits to another institution of higher learning, for personal enrichment, for professional development, or for gaining the appropriate prerequisite coursework for continued studies, will be reviewed on an individual basis by the Office of Admissions. Upon completion of 15 credit hours of study at Manor College, the student will be asked to matriculate into a specific program of study. That is, to choose a major.

Transfer Students

Manor welcomes transfer students from other institutions of higher learning. The process is as listed under Admissions Procedures. Courses are transferable if they are comparable to those offered in the student’s selected program of study at Manor, and if the student has earned a grade of “C” or better.

Manor will accept a maximum of 50% of the required credits toward a degree program and 9 credits toward a certificate (excluding Catechesis/Religious Educa­tion) provided that these are applicable to the curriculum into which the student is transferring.

Transfer credits may not be more than 10 years old in science and three years old in computer science. Any exceptions to this time limit must be obtained in writing from the Dean of Academic Affairs.

The lowest acceptable transfer grade is a “C.” The GPA earned at a transfer institution is not computed in the GPA at Manor.

Provided the recommended credit-granting scores have been earned, Manor College recognizes and awards 15 academic credits for each and any combination of the following non-credit assessments: CLEP, AP, CHALLENGE EXAMINATION, ACE and DANTE’S TESTS. Included in this total of 15 credits given by the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs is a maximum of nine credits for portfolio assessment.


Manor College is approved for all types of Veteran’s Education. Standard admissions procedures apply to all veterans. The forms necessary to apply for veteran’s benefits may be obtained at any Veteran’s Administration Center, the VA website or the Financial Aid Office of the college.

After registration, the college will certify the student’s enrollment and forward the original forms to the Veteran’s Administration. All drops, adds, and withdrawals must be approved by the student’s academic advisor. Manor College’s office of Financial Aid will forward any changes to the Veteran’s Administration office. Since the Veteran’s Administration has a variety of educational programs, answers to specifics may be accessed via:

Advanced Placement

Credit and advanced standing is available to students who obtain a grade of “3” or more on any of the following Advanced Placement Examinations:

Art History, English Literature, Physics B
Biology, Environmental Science, Physics C
Calculus AB, European History, Psychology
Calculus BC, French Language, Spanish Language
Chemistry, German, Language Statistics
Computer Science A, Comp Government & Politics, U.S. History
Macroeconomics, U.S. Government & Politics, World History
Microeconomics, Human Geography
English Language, Japanese Language & Culture

Information regarding advanced standing may be obtained from high school guidance offices, calling the College Entrance Examination Board at (609) 771-7300, writing to: CEEB — Advanced Placement Program; P.O. Box 6671; Princeton, New Jersey 08541-6671, or via the web:

Manor also offers credit through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Information regarding the CLEP exam may be obtained by contacting Manor’s Continuing Education Office at 215-884-2218 or the CLEP at 800-257-9558, writing to CLEP, P.O. Box 6600, Princeton, NJ 08541-6600, or via the

Both the AP and CLEP programs offer examinations in over 30 subject areas.