Student Employment

Student employment is a form of financial aid that does not get directly credited to the stu­dent’s tuition bill. It is provided to help cover incidental expenses that the student incurs. Stu­dents receive a a bi-weekly paycheck for the hours worked. The student can earn up to the amount of the award. Since student employment is based on availability of work on campus, the Financial Aid Office cannot guarantee that the student will earn his/her maximum award.

Federal Work Study Program

This is a federally funded program awarded to full and part-time students for the academic year who demonstrate need. FWS gives college students an opportunity to have a part-time job on or off-campus. Jobs are assigned at the beginning of the academic year. More info.

State Work Study Program

This is a state funded program for students who are interested in a campus job during the summer. The student must have financial need and be a recipient of PHEAA State Grant. A separate application is required and must be filed with the state by April 15. The application is available in the Manor College Financial Aid Office. More info