Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; 5p.m. to 6 p.m. virtually
Closed: Semester Breaks and Summer

The office is located in Mother of Perpetual Help Hall, second floor.


Phone: 215-885-2360 Ext. 241
Fax: 215-572-0341 (Mark to the attn. of Health Services)
E-mail: healthservices@manor.edu

About Health Services:

Health Services is staffed by a Registered Nurse. The services provided attend to the needs of the Manor College Community including resident, commuter students, staff and faculty.

At Health Services, we take your health and well-being personally. Maintaining good health is important to the successful completion of your college career. If you don’t feel well, it’s hard to concentrate on your studies or to participate in extra-curricular activities. Time can make a difference, so don’t wait until you feel worse. See us at the onset of illness so that we can evaluate you and start you on a course of treatment early. You’ll be back in good health sooner, which means you’ll be able to get back to your studies and other activities more quickly.

Health Services provides programs and services that address the health needs of Manor College students.

  • Primary assessment and treatment of health problems and injuries
  • Distribution of certain over-the-counter medications at no cost
  • Health education/information
  • Referrals to campus and community resources
  • Blood pressure screening

Health Services operates on an appointment basis (virtually or in office) due to COVID-19. There is always a nurse available to assist you during the posted office hours. Hours are posted outside the office.

There is no charge for Student Health Services. However, if you need to see a doctor or make a visit to the emergency room for evaluation and treatment, you will be asked to supply your health insurance information and you are responsible for any charges. It is a good idea to always carry a copy of your insurance card in your wallet

Click here to download the Student Medical Health Form. (Any questions or concerns regarding the medical form please contact our office directly for accurate information).

Note that there is NO physician on campus. Please bring any prescription medication you may need with you to campus.

Vaccine Information Statements:
Hepatitis B
Meningococcal ACWY
Meningococcal B

*COVID-19 Vaccine Information Statements, VISs are required only if a vaccine is added to the Vaccine Injury Table. Optional VISs may be produced, but only after a vaccine has been licensed (e.g., such as with zoster vaccines). Plans for developing a VIS for COVID-19 vaccine are not known at this time but will be communicated as additional information becomes available.*


A medical form that includes immunization records and physical exam (within1yr) must be completed and signed by a medical provider as well as the student or his/her parent if under18yrs. This form must be submitted upon admission to Manor College.

Be aware that certain immunizations are required for specific majors and residence hall students. Students are advised to follow directions on the Medical Health form and check with their program advisors for any additional forms specific to their program. More information on the international students, medical, and immunization policies are available in the student handbook online.

NOTE: All information regarding a student’s health record is kept confidential.