Thank you for your interest in Manor College! Since we understand that the admissions process may bring some questions, we want to provide answers to some of the questions most frequently asked.

If you want to connect with our admissions team to further the conversation and have your questions answered, please email or call 215-884-2216.

We cannot wait to see you become a Blue Jay!

1) How much does the application cost?
Our application is free and takes about ten minutes to complete!

2) How can I fill out a free application?
You can apply two different ways. 

  1. Go to
  2. Go to The Common Application ( and add us! 


3) When is the deadline to apply?
Manor College offers rolling admissions, so you can apply and receive a decision within two weeks.
*Dental Hygiene applications have a deadline of February 1st.

4) What are the Term Start Dates:
   Spring Semester- Starts every January
   Fall Semester- Starts every September 

5) What documents are required?
We will need your high school transcript.  If you have graduated from high school, we will need your final high school transcript with your graduation date on it. If you have not graduated from high school, we will look at freshman-junior year grades.

If you have attended college, we will also need any college transcripts you may have acquired.
We do not require SAT or ACT scores, letters of recommendation, or an essay.
*The Veterinary Technology program requires an essay for an admissions decision.
*In the Dental Hygiene program, if you are chosen for the second round of reviews, you will be required to write an essay.

6) How do I know if my transcript is official?
Transcripts are official when they are sent from the high school or college directly to Manor College. If you submit documents on your application or email the admissions office transcripts, we cannot count them as official transcripts. 

7) Where does my high school and/or college send my transcripts too?
When requesting transcripts, you can ask your high school and/or college to send them to our main admissions office email address: You can also request that your school send it through Naviance. 

8) How do I apply for financial aid?
To apply for financial aid, you have to fill out your FAFSA application. This application is through the United States Government and allows you to add ten college’s to the application. Once the FAFSA form is completed, you are admitted into Manor, and you have added Manor (FAFSA Code: 003294) to your FAFSA, we can give you a financial aid award letter! Click here to start your FAFSA Application!

9) I took Advanced Placement classes in high school, can my class transfer in as college credit?
We do accept AP classes, when you take the AP course exam.  We require at least a score of 3 or higher on the AP exam to transfer in the class. 

10) I am a transfer student, when do I receive my credit evaluation?
Once you are admitted to Manor College, we will take all of your official college transcripts to Manor’s registrar’s office for an official evaluation. We wait until after you are admitted to have final and updated transcripts.

11) How do I apply for a scholarship?
Your personal admissions counselor will review your transcript to see if your grade point average qualifies you  for our merit scholarships. 

Our St. Macrina scholarship of $2,000 requires a 2.8+ grade point average and essay.
Our Founders Scholarship requires a 3.0+ grade point average and essay.
Our Presidential Scholarship requires a 3.2+ grade point average and essay.

If you do not qualify for a merit scholarship, we also have endowment scholarships that your admissions counselor can nominate you for through our scholarship committee.
*Some endowment scholarships may require an essay or require you to attend a scholarship reception. 

12) What do all of these Financial Aid Terms mean?
Loans: Low interest- aid, granted by the government, that you will need to repay.
Grants: Are gifted to the student by the government to lower their tuition costs. This is determined by the FAFSA. These are not repaid.
Subsidized Federal Student Loan: The subsidized loan is a need-based loan, determined by the results of your FAFSA. The government pays the interest on this loan for you while you are enrolled at least half time in school and during your 6-month grace period before loan repayment starts once you graduate or drop below half time status.
Unsubsidized Federal Student Loan: The unsubsidized loan is a loan for which you do not need to demonstrate financial need and is determined by your FAFSA. This loan accrues interest while you are enrolled in school.
Federal Pell Grant: Awarded to undergraduate students who display exceptional financial need, have not earned a bachelor’s, a graduate degree, or professional degree. This grant is determined by your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) which is based on your FAFSA.
Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) State Grant: Granted only to PA residents when a student completes a FAFSA and PHEAA application before May 1st. When the application is completed, then eligible students will receive this grant.
Master Promissory Note: Is a legal document that promises you will repay your loans post graduation.
Entrance Counseling: Helps you understand the financial aid terms and conditions before agreeing to take on the aid.
Expected Family Contribution (EFC): Is an index number based off of your FAFSA. This number determines how much aid you will receive at each institution.
Direct Parent Plus Loan: This loan is one that parents can apply for to assist their child with any uncovered educational expenses. A FAFSA is required before a parent can apply. If a parent is approved, they will need to complete a Master Promissory Note and can work with the financial aid office to determine the amount they need to borrow. If a parent is declined for the loan, their child will receive up to an additional $4,000 in their unsubsidized loan for the academic year.

13) How do I understand my financial aid package?
Your financial aid award letter will be broken down between three pages.
The first page is the amount of aid you will receive. This shows you a breakdown of loans, grants, and scholarships awarded to you.
Your second page will show the breakdown of what you receive in aid and how much remaining balance there is left to pay. It will also show you additional information such as housing costs if you chose to live on campus.
Your third page will show you any remaining documents needed to complete your financial aid, such as Master Promissory Note, or Entrance Counseling. Towards the bottom of the page, it will show you the different ways you can pay off your remaining balance.

14) How do I apply to live on campus?

1) Submit your enrollment deposit of $200
2) Submit your housing application and roommate survey here
3) Complete your medical forms
4) Make two payments of your payment plan before move in
5) Comply with all medical requirements

15) I am ready to enroll, what is the next step?
Submit your enrollment deposit (here)

16) How can I meet with my admissions counselor?
You can register for a virtual or on campus visit by going to!

17) Meal Plan Information:
If you chose to live on campus, the meal plan is included in your residence hall fee. You will receive 2 meals a day and $75 per week to spend on food in our two on campus dining areas.
If you do not live on campus, you can purchase the same meal plan of 2 meals a day and $75 per day through our business office.
All students have the ability to add funds to their student account which can be accessed through their student ID’s. Also, all dining areas have the availability to pay per meal. You are not required to have a meal plan if you commute from home.

18) I would like to join an athletic team, who do I contact?
If you want to be an athlete at Manor College, you can contact our Athletic Director, Mr. John Dempster. You can reach him by emailing

19) I would like to get involved with clubs on campus, what do you offer?
College is such a wonderful time to get involved and try something new! We offer various different clubs and organizations for you to be a part of. There are also many opportunities through student life to go on trips or try something new on campus- like our infamous painting night or pop up rage room! If there is a suggestion for a new club or activity, you can work with the student life office.

20) I have a learning disability and would like accommodations in my classes, who do I talk to?
Our Disability Services is supervised by Ms. Tracey White-Peay, who will be working with you confidentially to ensure you are getting your needs to succeed here at Manor. To start the process of receiving accommodations, please view our webpage by clicking here. 

21) What should I expect to pay towards textbooks?
Our textbooks are included in our tuition, there are no extra fees towards textbooks.
*There are extra fees associated with our licensure programs.

22) Can freshmen have cars on campus?
All students, including freshmen, can have cars on campus! There are plenty of parking spaces on campus. You are just encouraged to register your car with Public Safety and get a parking pass sticker for your window.

23) Is there a cost for parking?
Parking is free to all students! Just register your car with Public Safety so they know you are a student at Manor. Click here for more information.

24) What public transportation can I take to Manor?
SEPTA buses, 24 and 28 will bring you directly to our campus driveway!

25) How safe is the campus?
Manor College is ranked the second safest campus in the United States. Our Public Safety office patrols the campus regularly throughout the day, monitors those coming onto campus, and has a security escort/motor assistance program for those who are feeling unsafe.

26) How will Manor prepare me for the working environment?
Manor College’s Career Counseling Office will prepare students to build their resume, practice  with mock interviews, assist you in finding an internship opportunity, as well as being a resource to your job search while you are in college and when you graduate. 

If you want to connect with our admissions team to further the conversation and answer your questions, please email or call 215-884-2216. 

We cannot wait to see you become a Blue Jay!