Your ManorCard is the easy way to swipe and go! Access your accounts for:

  • Blue Jay Bucks – personal funds added by you or your family members
  • Extra funds in your financial aid for textbooks in the Campus Store
  • Meal plans for residents with campus dining services
  • Meal plans for commuter students, faculty and staff.
  • and more in the future!

Identification cards are provided to all members of the Manor College Campus Community as an essential component of campus safety and security. Students must possess an ID card at all times while on campus or attending a campus sponsored function. The ManorCard is more than just your official college ID, it is the most important piece of plastic you’ll have while at Manor College. It will cover the essentials, everything from using your dining plans to checking out books from the Basileiad Library and making purchases in the Manor College campus store. Your ManorCard is all you’ll ever need for everything while living and learning at Manor.

CONVENIENT. Because it’s always with you, your ManorCard is the simplest way to pay for everything you need.

FAST. Since ManorCard transactions are processed similar to a credit or debit card, the ManorCard is one of the fastest forms of payment around, plus, you can monitor your account online at any time by visiting the Web Account Care Center

SAFE. If your ManorCard is lost or stolen, simply visit the Web Account Care Center to deactivate your account.

Obtaining a ManorCard

ID cards are issued by the Security Services Office. Please submit your ID photo here. The Security Services Office is located in St. Josaphat Hall (Residence Hall), first floor, Suite103. You may call the Security Services Office at ext. 3272 or email if you have any questions.

ID CARDS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES: All members of the Manor College Campus Community must either display their ID card by a lanyard or clipped on an outer garment at all times while on campus.

ID Cards must not be defaced, tagged or destroyed: Altered, damaged and/or defaced ID cards must be replaced IMMEDIATELY through the Security Services Office. The cost for a replacement student ID Card is $10.00.