Residence Hall Frequently Asked Questions

What should and shouldn’t I bring with me?
There are a lot of things you’ll want to bring with you – refer to this cheat-sheet for a comprehensive list: Top Things to Remember to Bring to College

How can I find out about my roommate?
You will be asked to complete a roommate information form that is located on this site. Once this is received along with your housing application by the Resident Coordinator, you will then be notified of how to contact your roommate prior to arriving on campus.

Who is allowed to visit me and when can they come?
Visitors are welcome daily from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm, Sunday through Thursday. All visitors must have identification and be at least 13 years old if not accompanied by an adult. On Friday and Saturday, they are welcome to stay until 1am. Overnight guests can stay Thursday, Friday, or Saturday with permission in advance from the Resident Coordinator. This is not applicable during midterms and finals. Students are responsible for their guests at all times and must accompany them while here. Additional information regarding guests and responsibilities is in the Student Handbook.

How can I meet new people in the dorm?
Knock on doors and smile! There are different fun activities you will be invited to attend to get to know everybody! Attend activities in the dorm and around the campus. No better way to get to know others than to be around the fun.

What kind of activities go on in the dorm?
Movie nights, Cooking Dinner Together, Crafts, Holiday and Christmas Decorate your Door, Coffee Houses, Karaoke, Super Bowl Party, and way too many more to mention!

What does a Resident Assistant do?
Resident Students are leaders who help carry out the mission of Manor College while living in the dorm. They are your guide to community living here in the dorm. They are on duty every evening and every weekend.Please do not hesitate to contact them via email or knock on their room door. You will also get to see them as they lead programs and floor meetings. These students will assist you in any way possible to help your experience living here a rewarding one. They don’t have all the answers but they are trained to help you go in the right direction. Residents Assistants inform you about events, meetings, and campus activities. They are responsible for reminding students of the rules as outlined in the Manor College Student Handbook and enforcing them. If there is a disagreement, Resident Assistants are ready to help students work together and resolve conflict in a peaceful and satisfactory manner. Resident Assistants report to the Resident Hall Coordinator who is their supervisor.

If I get sick, what services are available to me?
Help is on the way! We have a nurse on duty Monday through Friday, 24 hour Security staff in the building as well as the Resident Coordinator and Resident Assistant to help. Provide information to the nurse about any pre- existing condition you have, as well as a history of medications you are currently taking. Please keep your insurance identification card handy along with your doctor’s phone number, and keep us updated with any changes in regards to your emergency contact persons.

What if I can’t keep up with all of my assignments and studying?
In the Academic Building there is the Learning Center equipped with all kinds of resources, live and in paper. Meeting with your professor and advisor is also recommended. We all can get overwhelmed when there are so many demands. The Counseling Department is there to be a support as well. They are located on the second floor across from room 220 in the Academic Building