Thank You!

We are celebrating you, our donors and supporters, because of how dedicated you have been this year to helping our students and our community. You transform lives here, and any gift you provide is always stewarded to make the largest impact in our students lives as possible.

This short video below will show you all that’s been accomplished this past year. We are truly grateful for you and your commitment to Manor College.

If you have any questions about how to make a donation or about our advancement office, please call 215-885-2360 ext. 1216 or email


When you invest in Manor College, you help to transform not only the lives of students, but the community as a whole. You help to empower Blue Jays! Your contributions act as a catalyst for constant improvements within students academically, personally, and professionally, as well as within campus.

With the expansion of our academic offerings, growth in student engagement initiatives and athletic teams, and campus renovations; it’s an exciting time to be a Blue Jay! By giving back, you help to ensure the future of Manor College and enable students for years to come to experience all that Manor has to offer.


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