Started in 2024, when a group of donors came together to create a pathway for Manor College students to take advantage of the summertime to get ahead on their studies. Thanks to a small group of supporters, Manor College is able to offer the top 10 most popular summer courses tuition free to any existing Manor student!

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A Message from the Deavens and Nevels families

It takes a village to raise and educate young people. The Deavens and Nevels families have teamed up to make the future brighter for students through Manor College’s Summer Scholars Program. The program provides tuition free summer classes to encourage students to accelerate the completion of their degree programs and finish with less debt. We know your support will make the impact of this program even greater. Your generosity added to ours can make a difference for students from underrepresented communities seeking to improve the lives of their families. We hope that you will join us in this effort!

Charter Sponsors of the Summer Scholars Program

Greg & Beverly Deavens, Lourene & Jim Nevels, Leslie Turner, Independence Blue Cross, and Rob & Andrea Orsher

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“Words cannot express how much these summer classes at no tuition costs are helping–especially at this time in my life. I’ve got so many financial burdens with medical bills, and this program is helping so much. I cannot say thank you enough.”

Manor College Student

“As a first-time mom, all my money goes into raising my son. Diapers alone is a major expense. Having this program for the summer has helped out tremendously! I plan to use this opportunity to get ahead of my studies, get my degree sooner, and keep my overall tuition costs down. It’s a triple blessing!”

Manor College Student

“This program is an incredibly positive experience with great upside for students looking to catch up or get ahead in their college education.”

Dr. Joseph Gillespie
Manor College Provost