Tuition and Fee Schedule for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Full Time Tuition Per Semester
Basic Full Time Tuition$8,461.00
Allied Health 2 YR FT Tuition$8,859.00
BS Licensure Programs 4 YR$8,660.00
Externship Tuition (2YR Program) $8,859.00
Externship Tuition (4YR Program)$8,660.00
Part Time Tuition Per Credit Hour
Basic Tuition per Credit Hour$689.00
Allied Health 2YR per Credit Hour $741.00
BS Licensure 4YR per Credit Hour$721.00
Paralegal Post Bac per Credit Hour$320.00
Overload (Credits over 18)
Overload per Credit$125.00
Dual Enrollment
Dual Enrollment per Class$300.00
Room and Board
Room and Board per Semester$3,981.00
Private Room/Board per Semester$4,599.00
Summer Room fee (if available)$515.00
Overnight Housing Fee $25.00
Dorm Deposit (Refundable if balance is zero)$200.00
Semester Fees
General Fee Full Time per Semester$550.00
General Fee Part Time per Semester$275.00
Lab Fee per Lab per Semester$125.00
Program Specific Fees per Semester
Dental Hygiene Clinic Fee (2YR)$1,100.00
Dental Hygiene Clinic Fee (4YR)$585.00
EFDA Clinic Fee (2YR)$475.00
EFDA Clinic Fee (4YR)$345.00
VPM Fee (4YR)$75.00
Program Specific Fees One Time
VTNE Prep Fee (2YR)$230.00
Miscellaneous Fees
Non-Matriculated Registration Fee$35.00
CLEP or Exemption Fee per Credit$35.00
Entrance Retest Fee$25.00
Exemption Test Fee$30.00
I.D. Replacement Fee$10
Credit by Examination (Per Credit Fee)$35.00
Transcript (Same Day) Fee$15.00
Returned Check/Credit Card Fee$30.00
Late Payment Fee $60.00
Vehicle Violation Fines
Unauthorized Handicapped/Firezone Parking$100.00
All other Parking/Moving Violations$35.00
*NOTE: All parking and moving violations are also subject to additional fines and penalties according to College policy and Pennsylvania law.



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