Did you know that Manor College is the BEST priced private college in the entire state of Pennsylvania?

That’s right! After financial aid packages are sent, Manor still comes out with a more affordable price every time. Graduate with less debt than your friends and be prepared to enter and succeed in the workforce.

94% of Manor students receive financial aid (scholarships and grants) – learn about scholarship opportunities here.

94% of Our Student Body Receives Financial Aid!


Full Time Tuition Per Semester

Basic Full Time Tuition                                             8,890.00
Allied Health 2 YR FT Tuition                                   9,036.00
BS Licensure Programs 4 YR                                   8,966.00
Externship Tuition (2 YR Program)                         9,036.00
Externship Tuition (4 YR Program)                         8,966.00

Part Time Tuition Per Semester

Basic Tuition per Credit Hour                                       724.00
Allied Health 2 YR per Credit Hour                             756.00
BS Licensure 4 YR per Credit Hour                             747.00
Paralegal Post Bac per Credit Hour                           326.00

Overload (Credits over 18)

Overload per Credit Hour                                            255.00

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment per Credit                                          100.00
Dual Enrollment Addtl Fee
for Labs (in addition to Per Credit Cost)                    125.00

Room and Board

Room and Board per Semester                               4,183.00
Private Room/Board per Semester                          4,832.00
Summer Room Fee (if available)                                 700.00
Overnight Housing Fee                                                   55.00
Break Housing Fee                                                         150.00
Dorm Deposit (Refundable)                                          200.00

Semester Fees

General Fee Full Time per Semester                           550.00
General Fee Part Time per Semester                           275.00
Lab Fee per Lab Semester                                              125.00

Program Specific Fees Per Semester

Dental Hygiene Clinic Fee (2YR)                                 1,100.00
Dental Hygiene Clinic Fee (4YR)                                  585.00
EFDA Clinic Fee (2YR)                                                     475.00
EFDA Clinic Fee (4YR)                                                    375.00
Animal Care Fee                                                              125.00
VPM Fee (4YR)                                                                   75.00

Program Specific Fees One Time

VTNE Prep Fee (2YR)                                                     230.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Non-Matriculated Registration Fee                              35.00
CLEP or Exemption Fee per Credit                                35.00
Entrance Retest Fee                                                          25.00
Exemption Test Fee                                                          30.00
I.D. Replacement Fee                                                       10.00
Credit by Examination (Per Credit Fee)                         35.00
Transcript (Same Day) Fee                                                15.00
Returned Check/Credit Card Fee                                   30.00
Late Payment Fee                                                              60.00
Re-Admit Fee                                                                   100.00
Portfolio Assessment Fee                                              100.00
Audit Fee                                                            $FULL TUITION

Vehicle Violation Fines

Unauthorized Handicapped/Firezone Parking          100.00
All other Parking/Moving Violations                              35.00

* NOTE: All parking and moving violations
are also subject to additional fines and penalties
according to College policy and Pennsylvania law.