For students interested in taking just a few classes

A non-degree seeking (non-matriculated) student is someone who is enrolled in a college-level course or courses, but is not officially seeking a Manor degree. Students choose to be non-degree seeking for many reasons, and these students do not need to formally apply to Manor College to begin taking courses. Students are able to complete up to 15 credits as a non-degree seeking student. Upon completing 15 credits, non-degree seeking students who would like to continue taking courses at Manor must formally apply to the college and complete the overall admissions process. Please keep in mind that non-degree seeking students do not need to complete all 15 non-degree seeking credits in order to apply. We encourage students to apply to the college as soon as they are prepared to formally matriculate within a specific program of study as a part-time or full-time student.

Courses, both on-campus and online, are available at Manor during the fall, spring and summer semesters in the daytime, evening, and also on weekends. Although transcripts are not typically required from non-degree seeking students, sometimes prerequisites are required for specific courses and students must demonstrate that they have met these prerequisites with high school and/or college transcripts. Individuals interested in enrolling at Manor as a non-degree seeking student are able to sign-up for courses through Continuing Education at