freshmen at Manor College

Interested students who are currently graduating high school seniors or students who have graduated high school and have not attended another institution. If you have Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment courses, you can still apply as an incoming freshman.

Admissions Requirements:

  1. Submit your free application on our website or the Common Application
  2. Submit your high school transcript
  3. Submit your final high school transcript (after you graduate)

SAT or ACT scores are not required.  They are optional for all programs.
Letters of recommendation or an Essay is not required
* Veterinary Technology Applications do have an essay requirement

Manor College Admissions carefully considers all applications on the basis of a student’s academic credentials and supporting admissions materials.  Manor’s holistic approach ensures every student is reviewed with the utmost care and consideration.  Applicants are encouraged to contact Manor College Admissions at (215) 884-2216 or with any questions regarding the admissions process and requirements.