The SOAR Program at Manor College was designed to assist students who have experienced foster care or who qualify as independent or unaccompanied by providing resources to aid in their journey to obtaining a college degree. While attending Manor College, you can take advantage of the following resources available through the program:

Special InvitesĀ 

Students enrolled in the SOAR program will get invites to exclusive SOAR events, like pizza parties, special off-campus events, meet and greets, and more!

Academic Support

Free tutoring services are available to all students as well as assistance with selecting classes and study and time management skills.

Summer/Break Housing

If you are a resident student and do not have housing when school is not in session, arrangements may be made to provide housing over summer and breaks.

Food Pantry

Students have year-round access to the on-campus food pantry, the Bird Feed, for food and toiletries.

Counseling and Career Services

Personal and career counseling is available through our Counseling Department free of charge. Students may help with everything from stress management and mental health concerns to resume writing and interview skills!

Disability Services

Students needing special accommodations may work with Disability Services to ensure they receive the necessary tools to succeed.

LEAD Certification

The Student Engagement Office provides leadership development and opportunities through the LEAD Program. Students receive recognition for participation and build their personal leadership skills over the course of their time at Manor.

Financial Support

Students receive personalized assistance completing necessary financial forms such as the FAFSA.


if you have questions or would like more informationĀ  on the SOAR Program at Manor College, contact:

Point of Contact, Allison Mootz
Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs
215-885-2360 x276 or