Each year, Manor College is proud to host two Ukraine Dialogues where members of the Ukrainian-American community can join together to discuss critical issues that are facing Ukraine. Regardless of whether the dialogues are in-person or virtual, they are engaging, patriotic displays of affection for Ukraine and its people.

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Thursday, April 27, 2023

@ 6:30PM  |  Via Zoom


Russia’s wartime incursion of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

Russia has taken Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia civilian nuclear power facility by force, kidnapped the plant’s director general, shelled the plant’s backup power line, and potentially lit the kindling of World War III. Russia has threatened use of nuclear force, which can take shape in many forms. This Ukraine Dialogue program will examine what fallout would occur if Russia, by neglect or intention, caused the plant to melt-down. Hear from our expert panel about what would be required to address and contain a nuclear incident.


Featured Panelists

Michael E. Kirst,  a top energy consultant operating out of Brussels.  Prior to consultancy work, he was Vice President for Strategy and External Affairs for Europe, Middle East and Africa for Westinghouse Electric Company

Riaz Awan, VP of Ukraine operations and serves as Holtec’s executive sponsor of Ukraine’s Central Spent Fuel Storage Facility and is responsible for operations of Holtec’s subsidiary Holtec Ukraine.

Dr. Mike Mittelman, President, Salus University, Former Deputy Surgeon General of the Navy

Moderated by Ambassador Roman Popadiuk, American diplomat, the first United States Ambassador to Ukraine under George H.W. Bush Administration

Ukrainian Dialogue 2023 speakers


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