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Manor College Social Media Community Standards and Privacy Policy

First draft – March 8, 2022


Social Media Community Standards

Manor College encourages interaction, discussion, comments, questions and criticism. We ask that you keep comments and posts relevant and respectful. We reserve the right to delete comments or posts that:

  • Advocate illegal activity
  • Are clearly off topic
  • Are excessive in frequency
  • Are abusive, harassing or contain threats
  • Contain defamation, nudity, obscenity, offensive comments that target or disparage an individual or group of individuals, personal attacks, profanity, sexual or violent imagery, spam comments, or vulgarity
  • Infringe on copyrights or trademarks
  • Publicly share private or identifying information about an individual for the purpose of harassment
  • Link to inappropriate sites
  • Promote outside products or services or contain advertising
  • Violate federal, state, and/or local laws
  • Violate Manor college’s policies
    • Posts that clearly go against the mission and values of the College may be deleted.
  • False, misleading, and/or unsubstantiated statements
  • Violate social media channels’ community terms of service
  • Contain spam

Manor College reserves the right, but is not obligated to, review, delete or withhold comments; remove a user’s ability to comment; and/or ban a user from interacting with any official College social media page at any time. Manor also reserves the right to block individuals who do not follow these standards and/or are repeat offenders. 

Third-party links to outside content or other websites by Manor College are not an endorsement of those organizations, or their views or content. Manor is not responsible for content shared by said third parties

In general, comments posted on this page do not represent the opinions of Manor College. College employees commenting on College channels must clearly show they are doing so in their personal capacities, and not as representatives of the College. 

Learn more about social media platform community standards: 

Social Media Privacy Policy

Use of any Manor College social media page is strictly voluntary. There is no legal requirement for you to follow, comment or like any Manor College social media pages. Any Manor College student, employee or other individual who follows, comments or likes Manor College social media pages does so voluntarily and with no expectation of privacy as to what is posted, followed, commented upon or liked.  Users should understand that their activity anywhere on social media (including social platforms associated with Manor College) is NOT private. Social media users are encouraged to keep up to date on the privacy policies, terms of service, settings, and significant news pertaining to the social media platforms they use.

By posting on one or more of Manor’s social media channels, you understand that your posts, and any ideas or techniques contained in them, may be freely used by Manor in any way and in any media, including on this forum, on Manor’s other websites and social media pages, and in Manor’s business. Accordingly, please do not submit any ideas or materials that you wish to keep confidential or for which you expect to receive compensation. In addition, when you post in any of Manor’s social media channels, your name, likeness and social media handle will be visible and associated with your post and if Manor re-uses your post elsewhere, Manor may display your name, likeness and handle there as well. Manor College may use information that you post on College social media pages for engagement or fundraising purposes.