Having a Brand Promise, which is summed up in the tagline “You Belong Here,” is a promise that you will fulfill your mission. It’s a promise that your value proposition is real, and that there is authentic commitment to the people who give from their means to gain the education you are promising them. Our brand promise is this: Here at Manor, you can find all you need to build the life you want: great instructors, great programs, a welcoming campus and a future without limits. At Manor, you will find a community of scholars ready to both push and nurture you. We are a small college that offers big opportunities and a stellar education–one with small classes full of big thinkers, and a big-hearted community ready to challenge all of our students to reach and grow.

Institutional Logo

The Manor logo describes who we are and creates for us the message of the inviting environment that exists and that will continue here. The new logo conveys the essence of who we are — that we are an inclusive, embracing institution that helps to lead students from wherever they may be in life to reaching their greatest potential.

The logo is designed in a series of threes. The three buildings represent the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These same buildings also represent our three main founding campus buildings, as well as the Sister’s three main convent buildings, one of which was the first site of the college. The upward curved line across the center of the buildings from left to right is a horizon or sun as it comes up to bring new life, symbolizing a new Manor. It segments the tops of the buildings to reflect that our campus buildings are flat-roofed, and that as a ministry of the Sisters, we are the foundation that upholds their original vision.

Another three is the Ukrainian trident, also known as the tryzub.  While our logo is not a traditional trident, its representation of three reflects that our Ukrainian heritage and our relationship with Ukrainian community are crucial components of who we are.

Several places on our campus, including at the threshold to our campus Chapel, display the San Damiano Cross. It greets us as we enter. It is sometimes called the Tau cross because it is shaped like the letter T. It is also a factor of three. In our logo the white pathway upward from the bottom is itself the vertical part of the T, and the open door greets us at the intersection of the T, with its pathway left and right on either side, making the Tau.

The dot above the center building represents our call to be accessible in a way that fosters and encourages students from all demographics to become a part of our community. Studies have shown that while students are decreasingly interested in religion, they are interested in being spiritual. The pathways visualize the journey to Manor, the cross and to Christ, as students arrive on campus.

The pathway is the invitation. The pathway is wide at the bottom because of our richly diverse demographic. It moves up to open doors with endless possibilities. The opening of a door also symbolizes a new chapter as our students start their academic careers. Our logo embodies our Basilian mission, vision and core values.



The Manor College tagline, “You Belong Here,” was developed to convey three essential ideas. First, we are the right choice for all those seeking a stellar education to advance their academic and career plans. Second, we are a welcoming and supportive community where you can pursue your academic and extracurricular interests. And finally, we are a Catholic institution that believes that personalized educations enable students to fully develop as individuals and provides students with endless opportunities to serve the community effectively and compassionately, preparing them for a life filled with learning and service. To put it simply, we are the college where you belong.

Athletic Logo

Our athletic logo is meant to embody the spirit and resilience that defines what it means to be a Blue Jay. The Blue Jay itself, while still being approachable and friendly, is designed to be fierce, competitive and athletic. It represents the grit and fortitude of our teams.




The name “Manor College®” is a registered trademarked name.  Manor College’s logo is a registered trademarked logo along with its tagline “you belong here.”  Additional logos are common law trademarked.  All rights reserved.