Internships 101

Internships are an excellent way to explore pathways, meet people in your field of interest, and make choices about the kind of career you want. Plus, internships are career catalysts. Internship experience can help you land a full-time role after graduation. Employers seek out candidates with tangible work experience and relevant skills.

How do I find an internship?

There are a variety of tools and strategies to help you land the right opportunity. There is no right number of internships to apply to. Cast the net far and wide and apply to multiple internships that interest you. Here are the basics of finding – and landing – an internship.

Define Direction
What is your major? What fields interest you most? What would be your dream job? Make a list of the types of experience you’d like to gain, the types of companies (or actual companies) you’d like to work for. Don’t be afraid to cast a wide net. Targeting one or more job types within a field is a great way to optimize your opportunities.

Start your search
There are a variety of online tools and resources to help you land the right opportunity. Don’t forget to check out Manor’s quarterly career fairs, too. Employers come to campus with available job and internship opportunities!

Explore thousands of job and internship opportunities from employers looking to hire Manor students and alumni.

Industry-Specific Job Boards
These online boards can be helpful especially if you are looking to land an internship in a specific industry or career field.

Professional Organization Websites
The mission of these organizations is to further the advancement of a particular profession and its workers.

Job Alerts on Indeed
Indeed is a free service allowing you to upload a resume, create job alert emails, search open positions and apply directly.

LinkedIn Job Board
Find job and internship opportunities tailored to fit the skills and experience included in your LinkedIn profile.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with professionals who can share knowledge and opportunities to further your career.

Tap your network
Connect with professionals in your areas of interest, family members, friends and others to seek advice and thoughts on potential internships. LinkedIn is an excellent source for insights and information.

Put your application materials together 
Create or polish your resume (link to resume template/sample), LinkedIn profile and personal brand statement (link to networking page), along with a cover letter (link to resume template/sample).

Apply to roles that feel right
It’s beneficial to apply to any and all positions that seem interesting and in line with your career direction. Most internships are highly competitive—some with hundreds of applicants—so playing the numbers maximizes your chances of success.

Rock the interview
Once you get interviews scheduled, do your homework to familiarize yourself with the company and position. This will help you prepare for likely questions, develop a few of your own, and make a great impression.

Follow up and stay in touch
Follow up with a thank-you note/email immediately after every interview.

When is the best time to intern?

Do an internship any time you can get one. Be sure to factor in academic load, specific career goals, industries that interest you and whether you can financially accept both paid and unpaid opportunities. Most companies offer internships year-round while some only offer summer sessions. Do your research and plan accordingly!