Manor College is Home to a Vast Collection of Study and Reading Materials

Academic Collection: Contains 20,000 circulating and non-circulating materials including monographs, serials and AV materials. The Academic Collection is based in a liberal arts foundation but has strong holdings in the Sciences as part of Manor’s current programming.

Catholic Studies Collection: An extensive collection of books on the Catholic faith which includes the “Eastern Catholic Spirituality Collection”. In addition to English, the ECSC includes a selection of Ukrainian language books on the subject of the Eastern Catholic faith. The CSC acknowledges Manor as a Catholic institution and focuses on the histories of the Roman and Byzantine Church, the Founding Fathers, the Ukrainian Catholic tradition and the Order of the Sisters of St Basil the Great.

Civil War Institute Collection: Collection contains over 8oo items including a complete set of The War of Rebellion, a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate Armies. The collection is part of the Civil War Institute donated by the members of the Delaware Valley Civil War Roundtable.

Digital Collections: Manor College Library Digital Collections consists of various image and text documents related to the history of Manor College. These include small selections from the College archive, the Ukrainian Heritage Special Collections, and in the near future, community oral histories.  Our digital collections include yearbooks, student publications, alumni newsletters, and digitized Ukrainian Heritage items. Click here to access our current collections.

Popular Reading Collection: Fictional novels, popular non-fiction, and graphic novels.

Ukrainian Library Special Collection: Part of the Ukrainian Heritage Studies Center, it contains roughly 3,200 Ukrainian language books, photographs, sheet music, periodicals, pamphlets, and other ephemera, as well as dozens of works of Ukrainian art and crafts.

Archives and Special Collections: Manor College Archive includes the documents, photographs, artifacts, and ephemera of Manor College. Housed in the archive is a number of rare books, including literature, prayer books, non-fiction works and art prints. The Special Collections includes monographs that are rare, valuable, and/ or have been published before 1940. The Basilian Archive Collection is a small collection of writing and transcribed remarks on the life and teachings of St. Basil the Great. Authors include George Appleyard, Paulk F. Fedwick, and the OSBM Sisters; date ranges 1925-2005. It is open on a limited basis to all interested scholars.


For Manor College Library’s electronic collections, see Articles and More