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A portfolio is a presentation of your best work and demonstration of your skills. Portfolios can be used when applying for internships and jobs, gaining freelancing clients and applying to graduate schools.

Types of portfolios

  • Academic Portfolios are reflective assessments in academics, research, service and leadership combined with evidence to support your accomplishments. Academic portfolios are common in Education.
  • Demo Reels, or show reels, are a collection of your best work presented in an audio or video format. In industries like Animation, Film and TV, and Video Games, demo reels allow employers to assess your skill sets and talents and are submitted to employers for industry internships or jobs.
  • Print Portfolios are physical presentations of your best work that can be in the form of a book, interactive package or binder, for example. Print portfolios contain work such as ad campaigns, designs, illustrations, photographs or writing samples. Although many artists choose to showcase and share their work digitally, print portfolios are still common in industries such as Advertising, Fine Arts, Illustration, Photography and Graphic Design.
  • Web or Digital Portfolios allow you to showcase your work and skills online for an employer, client or class. Creating a professional digital portfolio provides an opportunity for all majors to show off key skills and talents. A web or digital portfolio (and/or a demo reel) is essential for success in the creative industries.

Ready to create a digital portfolio?

Digital portfolios are terrific tools that can help you stand out in the application process. When you present employers with a portfolio, it provides tangible evidence of your skills and capabilities that a resume may only be able to hint at. The good news is you don’t need to be a tech whiz to create a digital portfolio. Here are a few key tips and tools to help you get started and build a digital masterpiece for your work.