The Learning Commons functions as a neutral,  inclusive, open educational space where patrons are welcomed and valued. Patrons are expected to treat the space respectfully, including staff, materials, others patrons, etc.

The Learning Commons is open to all members of the Manor College community* however, it is not a place of unrestricted public access.

All guests must sign in and receive a Visitor Pass from Manor College Public Safety.†

As per our student handbook, “Children under the age of 16 are not permitted on campus except when accompanied by a parent, guardian, administrator, staff, or faculty member, or a registered student who is also a relative of the child. No children are permitted in classrooms, labs, or in any teaching area while class is in session. Nor are they permitted to attend extra-curricular activities with students, except those to which the public is invited, such as sporting contests.

Children may not be left in any lounge, the cafeteria, Library, or any other place while their parent/guardian/babysitter attends class or is otherwise involved in activities as a student at Manor. Students are responsible for any guest they bring on campus, including children, and will be held accountable for their guest’s action.” For more information, please see the student handbook.

The Learning Commons is a quiet space geared toward learning, however quiet conversation and leisure use is welcome and permitted. Disruptive persons will be asked to leave.

Cell phone use is prohibited in populated areas. Please use your phone in designated areas or in the lobby.

Faculty are welcome to bring students to the space for research or class work.

The Lecture Space is open to all Manor faculty and staff for small events relating to the College and its mission. Please see the reserve form for space policies.

Please attend to belongings. While the Library does have a lost-and-found, neither the Library staff nor Manor College can accept responsibility for lost or stolen personal belongings.

Covered beverages and snacks are an option in order for patrons to be comfortable while you work. Please don’t leave a mess.

Food is not allowed near computers, be careful with beverages in these areas. Alert staff of spills right away.

Food that is messy or aromatic (e.g. pizza, curry) is not permitted.

For more information, please see the Resource Access page

Failure to comply with these polices will result in revoked privileges or more serious consequences.

*A member of the Manor College community includes students, faculty, and staff currently employed by Manor College, alumni and other authorized visitors (e.g. parents of enrolled students) of Manor College.

†A guest is  any individual age 16 or over who has no official affiliation with Manor College.