What is a Registrar’s Office?
The Registrar maintains student academic records, facilitates registration, issues official transcripts as requested, schedules room usage, and verifies enrollment. We are located in the Basileiad Library Building on the lower level, room #3, across from the Financial Director and the Bursar.

What is the Student Portal?
It is where you can have 24/7 access to information such as grades, unofficial transcript, Degree Audit, your class schedule, class attendance, status of documents you had sent to Manor, and your financial aid and tuition information from Manor’s website. You can also view your personal profile, which includes your address and telephone number. If eligible, you can register online through the Portal. Your user name and password were created at the time you applied to Manor College. The IT office can reset the username & password for you if need be. Please note that if there is a hold on your account, your access will be limited. manor.edu/student-portal

How do I update my address and/or telephone number?
Federal regulations require your signature in order for us to change your address, so please stop by the Registrar’s Office to complete a form. Forms are also available on Manor’s website – manor.edu > Degrees and Programs > Registrar. You can also request a change of address from you Student Portal.

What is a Degree Audit and where to I find mine?
A Degree Audit is a useful tool that lists all of your course requirements—those completed and those still outstanding. It is very helpful in determining course selection and sequencing. You can see yours in you Student Portal.

What is the purpose of an advisor?
Your advisor knows your curriculum and what courses you must take in order to graduate. She/he will guide you on what courses you need as well as help you arrange a schedule. If you are unable to register on line, your advisor will register you. At midterm, she/he will review your progress with you. Your advisor will discuss your academic progress and various plans to succeed as well as the possible need to withdraw from a course. Your advisor is on your Student Portal.

What is the difference between dropping a course and withdrawing from a course?
You can drop course at the start of each term. Dropped courses will not show on your transcript and there is not a charge for dropped courses. The opposite is true for withdrawals. Check the Academic Calendar for Drop/Add and Withdrawal dates.

Can I go to the same class with a different teacher at a different day & time?
If there is space available you can change your schedule during add/drop period by contacting your academic Advisor. The drop/add period is up to the fifth day of the term. You need to check the academic calendar, which is on Manor’s website under Degrees and Programs > Registrar > Schedules and Calendars for exact dates.

Can I drop a class and not add another?
Yes, you can during add/drop period (check the Academic Calendar!). If you need to be full-time, make sure you have at least 12.0 credits on your schedule.

How do I withdraw from a course?
If you missed the drop/add period your option is to withdraw from a course. You need to contact your academic advisor who will assist you in this process or email mail to: registrar@manor.edu

How can I get my grades?
We do not mail grades. Go on the Student Portal, and you will be able to access your grades and unofficial transcript. If you do not know your password please contact someone in IT for help 

How do I dispute a grade I received in one of my classes?
You must follow proper procedures. Contact the teacher and ask if he/she could tell you why you got that grade. Perhaps you did not turn in all materials, you calculated your grades wrong, you missed too many classes, etc. If you tell the teacher why you think you deserve a higher grade and he/she disagrees, and you still feel you are correct, you are entitled to contact his/her department head and they will investigate and see which grade is appropriate. You cannot contact the department head until you discuss the problem with the teacher first.

Can I have my teacher’s phone number? How about a classmates’?
No. It is College policy not to release any personal information of a teacher. You contact teachers by email. Usually email addresses are the first initial of first name and last name @manor.edu. Likewise for a classmate: Due to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) we are unable to release any personal information that is not “Directory Information”. 

How can I stop lenders from sending me letters and calling me?
By forwarding forms or letters, you have received to the Registrar’s Office or by requesting we send them a letter certifying you are a full-time student. In addition, Manor has collaborated with National Student Clearinghouse who will eliminate your involvement. You can contact them by going to www.nslc.org for details; they are open 24/7, 365 days a year.

How do I request my official transcript be sent to a third party?
Students (current or past) who want the College to send an official academic transcript of credit bearing courses now have two options:

Option 1) A new e-transcript service is available through the National Student   Clearinghouse for a charge of $5.00. This option is having your official transcript digitally sent to your desired location by secured electronic conveyance. You will be charge per destination once the transcript is documented as received. For more information go to: https://manor.edu/academics/registrar/transcript-request/

Option 2) The traditional paper transcript, free of charge, can be requested by submitting a written request to the Office of the Registrar. All requests must contain an original signature – electronic signatures will not be accepted. Requests will not be processed if student has an outstanding obligation to the College. Requests must be made by using the transcript request form found here: Download Free Printable Traditional Transcript Request Form (form must be signed and dated by student.)

I transferred courses to Manor. When will they show on my Manor transcript?
Transferred credits are processed almost immediately after the Office of the Registrar receives official transcripts. Once completed, you can see what transferred by looking at your unofficial transcript in your Student Portal. If for some reason you feel there is a delay, please make sure Manor received an official transcript from the sending institute.

How do I withdraw from the College?
After you have exhausted all support and options to prevent the need to withdraw from the College, you will need to complete this form and submit to registrar@manor.edu.

What do I do if I want to return at a future date?
Students who have withdrawn from Manor College may request reinstatement while simultaneously switching programs. Information for Reinstatement is on Manor’s website: Degrees and Programs > Registrar > Reinstatement. Once your payment is received an electronic form will be sent to you for completion and submission.  You will be emailed after approvals from other offices are obtained.

Who can help with technical issues?
Contact Manor’s Helpdesk at helpdesk@manor.edu.