Manor College Career Fair 2024 - April 18, 2024

Networking 101

Developing and continuously expanding your professional network is a crucial aspect of exploring, launching and advancing your career. You already have a network – it includes people who know, such as family, friends, classmates, professors, employers and coworkers. The easiest way to expand your network is to build upon the relationships you already have. We can help you get started.


Your Brand

A personal brand is just that—personal. It’s not about treating yourself like a product. Instead, defining your personal brand is about strategically, creatively and professionally presenting what makes you, you.

If your resume and cover letter tell your professional story, your personal brand drives the character development. Your brand is the sum total of the things that make you unique and uniquely attractive as a job candidate. In short, it’s all about “Why you?”

Experience + Skills + Background + Passions = Your Brand


Experience might be academic (courses, major, projects), an internship, a part- or full-time job, a volunteer opportunity or any relevant activity that helped you gain knowledge or build skills.

"My robust experience in a wide variety of digital media production roles..."

"My varied experiences in event planning and design..."


This part of your brand is all about what you can do! Your skills are center-stage here. These skills might have been honed in a class or a job - or a skill you developed on your own.

"My deep skills in data analysis and research..."

"My robust skills in prototyping and UX..."


Your background is rich territory for shaping your brand in an authentic and compelling way. Sometimes it's cultural identity or a unique athletic history. Regardless, this part of your brand says something meaningful about you!

"My background as a volunteer interpreter in a trauma 1 neonatal unit..."

"My background as a first generation college student who has successfully navig​ated college and career responsibilities..."


Your passions drive the decisions you make and they tell an employer a lot about what motivates you.

"My passion for the intersection of social justice and mission-driven travel..."

"My passion for establishing relationships with various communities to advance the fight for environmental preservation..."

Craft Your Brand Statement

A brand statement is an easy way to try to collect the most important parts of your brand into a single sentence that you can use in a cover letter, elevator pitch, interview or just to reflect on what makes you distinctive. Brainstorm a couple of ways to craft your brand statement.

Fill in the blanks with different combinations of your experiences, skills, background, and passions.

“My ______________, _______________, and ________________ make me an excellent candidate.”

Developing Your Elevator Pitch

One of the most important elements in networking and building your personal brand is your elevator pitch. A 30-second pitch or introduction that’s strategically crafted will help you make a meaningful first impression at job fairs, networking events, interviews, and even meetups with student organizations or professors. When developing your elevator pitch, you should showcase your best attributes and make sure it feels authentic and true to you.

Your pitch should briefly touch on the following key points:

  • Your most important characteristics, interests and strengths
  • What you can offer to the employer and workforce
  • Your goal in connecting with the individual you’re pitching