Manor College recognizes that students, staff, faculty, and adjuncts may prefer to use a name or pronoun other than their given first name as recorded on official documents and records including circumstances where student safety or productivity may be a risk. When formally requested by a student, staff, faculty, or adjunct the College may use a preferred first/given name or pronoun in College documents and processes except where the use of the official legal name is required by College business or legal obligation.

The use of a preferred name is used solely for Manor College internal systems and does not change the legal name within Manor College. Official records, such as but not limited to, transcripts, degree audits, financial records, W-2 forms, payroll, enrollment data, financial aid documents, or mailings, will show the legal name of the individual.

Preferred first names will be used in the following systems and records:

  • Identification Cards (ID cannot be used as official identification off campus)
  • Official Student or Employee Email and Display Name. Individuals must contact the Help Desk to request this change.
  • Commencement Bulletins
  • Class and Grade Rosters (when possible based on system requirements)
  • Housing Rosters
  • Athletic Team Lists
  • Newspaper articles, College social media, and other publicity formats will also use the preferred name, unless otherwise requested to the Marketing and Communications office.

Legal names will continue to be used for official College records including, but not limited to the following:

  • Legal documents and reports produced by the College
  • Student Account statement (bills)
  • Financial Aid and scholarship documents
  • Transcripts
  • Enrollment verifications
  • Degree verifications
  • Student employment documents
  • Employment verifications
  • Employment documents
  • Paychecks, W2s, and other payroll documents
  • Benefits enrollment

Preferred names may consist of a first and/or middle name and are limited to alphabetical characters, a hyphen, and/or a space. A student is permitted to make one preferred name request during the student’s career at Manor College. Students are not permitted to designate a preferred family/last name. Extenuating circumstances that require an additional change will be reviewed by the Registrar.

The Manor College Registrar reserves the right to deny preferred name requests that are deemed inappropriate including but not limited to avoiding a legal obligation, fraud, offensive language, or misrepresentation. In such cases, students will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with College policy and the Student Code of Conduct.

Please fill out the Preferred Name/Pronoun Request Form here.