A strong understanding of public policy is essential for those who wish to be successful in legal, political, and health-related fields. A Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy from Manor College will prepare decision-makers in the public and private sector with a solid background in law, ethics and policy, and give them a unique opportunity to delve into areas such as: Crisis Management, Public Policy Ethics, Non-Profit Organizations and NGOs, Public Service, Adult and Aging, among other areas.

students read book in Manor College libraryOur Students Graduate With a Deep Understanding of Policy 

Starting with a historical perspective, students within the program will not only have an opportunity to investigate the issues that affect public policy today but will be able to look at the role of public policy in government and the private sector going into the future. The program will prepare students to develop a deep understanding of the policies, ethics, law and advocacy work needed to pursue and thrive in a position in this field.

Why You Should Choose Manor

At Manor College, students will master the fundamentals of public policy before learning how these lessons apply to a real-world environment. Small class sizes ensure that our faculty are invested in student outcomes, and hands-on learning opportunities combined with innovative teaching ensures that students are competitive applicants upon graduation.
There are so many reasons why you belong here!

What to Expect from the Curriculum

Students will begin by learning about the fundamentals of public policy, law, the American national government, and macroeconomics, before moving into more advanced coursework on financial crime, oral communication, juvenile justice, non-profit organizations, and more. Students are required to take part in approved public policy internships during their senior year, for which they will receive school credit. The Public Policy B.S. program is 120/121 credits in total.

Suggested Curriculum Sequence

Students with a Public Policy degree have job opportunities in the following areas:

  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Social Services
  • Government Agencies
  • NGOs

What career can you have when you major in Public Policy? Legislative aide, paralegal, program administrator, sociologist, and lawyer are all examples of job titles that rely on a background in public policy. Growth in this area is difficult to determine as there are so many fields open to a graduate with a Public Policy degree. Have you heard about our 3+3 law degree track? Find out more about what students do with a bachelor’s degree in Public Policy from Manor.

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