A Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy from Manor College will prepare decision makers in the public and private sector with a solid background in law, ethics and policy, and give them a unique opportunity to delve into areas such as: Crisis Management, Public Policy Ethics, Non-Profit Organizations and NGOs, Public Service, Adult and Aging, among other areas.

Starting with a historical perspective, students within the program will not only have an opportunity to investigate the issues that affect public policy today, but will be able to look at the role of public policy in government and the private sector going into the future.  The program will prepare students to develop a deep understanding of the policies, ethics, law and advocacy work needed to pursue and thrive in a position in this field.

Career Opportunities 

Graduates can pursue careers in the civil service and areas of the private sector that involve public policy analysis.  This will include positions in corporate and as private government relations experts, media, public relations experts, analysts for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), private consultants, pollsters, etc.  Growth in this area is difficult to determine as there are so many fields that can utilize a graduate with a public policy degree.