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A Bachelor’s of Sport Management is designed to provide students with opportunities managing sports and leisure service organizations. Students learn to become experts in the field, allowing for a love of sports to become a successful and rewarding career path.

Sports Management Program in Jenkintown, PA

If you love sports and wish to enter a rewarding career, a sports management degree may be right for you. The Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Sport Management offered at Manor College is designed to educate students on the skills and concepts related to management, finance, marketing, and law related to sports management and leisure service organizations. Students who complete the program will leave with a good understanding of crucial topics, such as risk management, safety, insurance, and liability issues in the sports environment. Discover more about our sports management program in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

About Our Sports Management Program

At Manor College, we are committed to preparing students to pursue careers that align with their passions and skill sets. The Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Sport Management program preps students for professional managerial positions in the sports and recreation industry. Students can learn from experts in the field and gain valuable insight from their teachings.

The B.B.A. program is 120/121 credits in total and explores the process of planning, designing, equipping, staffing, financing, and managing a sports and recreation facility. Students begin by learning about the fundamentals of communication, sales strategies, business math, and information literacy before moving into more specialized coursework, such as sports media relations, sports marketing, athletics fundraising, and more.

To satisfy the program’s curriculum, students must complete an approved business internship their senior year, for which they will receive school credit. Students can monitor their progress through the program by following the suggested curriculum sequence.

Suggested Curriculum Sequence

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Possible Career Opportunities

The sports industry is booming, and evidence suggests it will continue that trend. It’s estimated that the global sports industry revenue in 2022 amounted to nearly 487 billion U.S. dollars. The industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.2% between 2022 and 2023. This continued growth means there are plenty of opportunities for passionate individuals to make their mark.

Sports management is an exciting field that encompasses all aspects of professional, collegiate, and amateur athletic organizations. The field of study involves business areas, including finance, marketing, sales, and management.

Professionals with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Sport Management degree can choose various career paths. Potential options for students who complete the Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Sport Management program at Manor College include:

  • Event coordination
  • Equipment merchandising
  • Facilities management
  • Sports marketing
  • Operational management

Other job titles that rely on a background in sports management include athletic director, account manager, sports broadcaster, sports event marketer, and fitness coach.

Why Manor College for Your Sports Management Degree?

Students who complete their sports management studies at Manor College will benefit from the technical training they receive. Small class sizes ensure that our faculty invests in their students’ outcomes. Furthermore, hands-on learning opportunities combined with innovative teaching ensure students are competitive applicants upon graduation.

In addition to an in-depth education, students can access Manor College’s vast academic resources and support options. Resources include accommodations, student services, career exploration, and much more, available to every student.

Begin Your Journey at Manor College

Take your interest or love of sports and turn it into a successful and rewarding career path with help from Manor College. Located in Jenkintown, PA, our Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Sport Management program exposes students to the world of sports management and equips them with the fundamentals needed to pursue an assortment of exciting careers. Those interested in earning a sports management degree should contact us today to begin the process.

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