Pre-Radiologic Science is a degree program that focuses on the health profession concerned with imaging for medical diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of disease. Technological advances now place radiologic science among the most dynamic, expanding, and high-demand fields in clinical medicine. Students who wish to enter radiologic sciences as a career can transfer to complete the clinical component of their education after completing the pre-radiologic sciences program.

Why You Should Choose Manor

Manor College is the perfect starting place for someone interested in a science career.  At Manor, you will have the opportunity to experience small lectures and laboratory sections for all of your science courses. Inevitably, you will gain valuable hands-on experience in laboratory which will lead to your success in the field.

Career Opportunities

The radiologic science graduate performs procedures using highly sophisticated equipment that demonstrates the anatomical structures of the patient body area under study. Radiographers may continue their education and pursue careers in the following related fields:

  • nuclear medicine
  • magnetic resonance imaging
  • computer tomography scanning

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