The healthcare industry continues to be recognized as one of the most desirable sectors for aspiring employees. Those wishing to pursue a career in this field must have a good sense of the industry and what it entails.

At Manor College, we offer a B.S. in Health Services with a concentration in Health Sciences. The program is designed to prepare students with an understanding of the social, political, ethical, legal, and economic aspects of complex healthcare delivery systems. Through foundational coursework in the sciences, students who complete the program will have the communication and management skills necessary to pursue opportunities in healthcare or higher education. Discover more about our health services program in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

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About Our Health Services Program

Manor College is committed to helping students pursue careers that they are passionate about. The B.S. in Health Services program features a carefully crafted curriculum that’s designed to challenge students as they move through the foundational coursework.

Led by dedicated instructors with on-the-job experience, the program is 128 to 132 credits in total. It covers biology, chemistry, anatomy and other sciences, social sciences, mathematics, critical thinking, and communication. Additionally, the program features advanced studies relating to healthcare administration, epidemiology, healthcare law, and more.

To satisfy the program’s curriculum, students will take part in experiential learning through apprenticeships and internships. The concentrations in this degree-completion program include Dental Hygiene, Expanded Functions Dental Assisting, and Health Sciences. Students wishing to monitor their progress through the program can do so by following the suggested curriculum sequence.

Potential Career Paths

The need for reliable healthcare will never go away. In fact, that need is growing as the population continues to age and people remain active later in life. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of medical and health services managers is projected to grow 28% from 2022 to 2032, much faster than the average for all occupations.

As the healthcare industry continues to expand, qualified individuals with strong business skills will be needed to ensure patients receive quality and efficient services. A bachelor’s degree in health services will allow individuals to pursue a large number of service-related fields, including

  • Health services administration
  • Health and medical administrative services
  • Health information and medical records administration
  • Health unit managers
  • Healthcare administration
  • Healthcare facilities management
  • Home healthcare administration
  • Long-term care administration and management
  • Public health program administration

Why Choose Manor College for Health Science Studies?

The mission at Manor College is to guide students as they maintain academic excellence with current and innovative educational programs. Students who choose to earn their health science degree with us will benefit from personalized education. Smaller class sizes allow students more learning opportunities and encourage faculty to invest in their students’ outcomes. Those who complete our health services program will be competitive applicants upon graduation.

To further aid our students and cater to their needs, Manor College offers extensive academic resources and support options. Students have at their disposal several resources such as accommodations, student services, career exploration, and more.

Enroll Today at Manor College

If you have a passion for helping others and wish to pursue a rewarding career, consider earning a health science degree from Manor College. Located in Jenkintown, PA, our B.S. in Health Services program provides students with a strong foundation of critical concepts that they will need to forge their preferred career path. Graduates will be prepared to work in a wide variety of health-related careers, making a positive impact on their communities and serving society effectively and compassionately. For more information about the program or how to enroll, contact us today.

Suggested Curriculum Sequence