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The Manor College University Center proudly offers the Alvernia University  Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health

Earning a Behavioral Health degree from Alvernia University through the Manor College University Center prepares graduates to be impactful leaders in the fields of addiction studies, mental health and child welfare.

Learn from accomplished instructors.
Our Behavioral Health program’s commitment to excellence is exemplified through Alvernia’s faculty selection. Our highly trained faculty provide an educationally rich and engaging classroom experience at any of our three locations — Reading, Pottsville and Philadelphia.

Select from three Behavioral Health concentrations. Our program provides both theoretical and practical training for professional roles in three major areas of concentration.

Addiction Studies
Our Addiction Studies concentration is one of the first of its kind in the United States. This program recognizes the need for the chemical dependency professional to establish related competencies in other areas — particularly that of mental health.

Mental Health
Our Mental Health concentration provides a core of expertise and experience for students who wish to find employment in mental health clinics and centers immediately after graduation. Its addiction studies component increases graduates’ job readiness.

Child Welfare
Our Child Welfare concentration provides students with the essential knowledge to address the problem of child maltreatment, abuse and neglect investigation, in-home services, out-of-home placement, adoption, and parenting education.

Find a job after graduation.
Our Behavioral Health program maintains an extremely high employment placement rate, and our Career Services Office can provide assistance to graduates with resume preparation, interview help and job search advice.

A Behavioral Health bachelor’s is highly valued by many fields:

Criminal Justice
Mental Health Facilities
Children and Youth Agencies
Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation Centers
Corporate Employee-Assistance Programs
Prevention and Intervention Centers
Other Social Agencies

Behavioral Health courses are approved by the Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB), the foremost drug and alcohol credentialing organization in Pennsylvania. The Behavioral Health Bachelor of Arts degree can be used to fulfill Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB) requirements for certification and re-certification of addiction counselors. Students from outside Pennsylvania should contact the CAC board in their state for information about requirements and the certification process

The Manor College University Center proudly offers the Alvernia University Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration

Earn a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration through the Manor College University Center. Students learn an interdisciplinary study of crime and justice in today’s society.

Taught by practicing professionals in law enforcement and professors with backgrounds in the FBI, SWAT, forensic psychology, crisis-and-hostage negotiation and homeland security. Manor College University Center program with Alvernia University couples intensive classroom learning with extensive research and required field experience. Students also have the additional benefit of working with the Philadelphia Police Academy.

Interpersonal skills as well as managerial and administrative subject matter prepare you for positions of responsibility and leadership within the criminal justice community. You can specialize in areas such as probation and parole or corrections and rehabilitation, and focus on the area of crime that interests you.

Police Officers take advance of a special 20% tuition discount.

The Manor College University Center proudly offers the Alvernia University Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration

Based on federal statistics, healthcare administration is the fastest growing industry in the country. Earn a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration at Alvernia University through the Manor College University Center, and you can get the knowledge and training you need for a successful career in this dynamic industry. Earn a degree that helps you meet the strong demand from healthcare employers. All of your learning takes place with the flexibility and convenience of learning online and in accelerated classes through the Manor College University Center in Jenkintown.

The Manor College University Center proudly offers the Alvernia University Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Science

Earning a Healthcare Science degree from Alvernia University through the Manor College University Center prepares graduates for meaningful, big-picture roles and careers in the current healthcare environment. Students who earn a Healthcare Science bachelor’s will be prepared to work in healthcare agencies, businesses and other healthcare settings as policy leaders, advocates and educators.

Gain knowledge for the future of your healthcare career.
Our Healthcare Science program graduates advocates for individuals and communities that are underserved or under-informed on issues related to health and wellness, health-system policies and health management.

Design your right-fit program.
Our affordable and flexible Healthcare Science program is offered at the Manor College University Center and delivers students classroom and online instruction. Our faculty will work with you to incorporate your complementary interests to the required core competency courses.

Choose your career path.
Our Healthcare Science program is an excellent opportunity for students at all levels, including transfers or new applicants with associate’s degrees as occupational therapy assistants, physical therapy assistants, medical imaging professionals, dental hygienists, or respiratory therapists.

The Manor College University Center proudly offers the Alvernia University Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Earn a Bachelor of Science in Psychology through the Manor College University Center. The Psychology program prepares students to study behavior and mental processes within an applied framework. This approach encourages students to integrate psychological research and theories with ethical practice and moral responsibility. With an emphasis on human dignity, the department instills in students the concept of service to diverse populations.

The program is dedicated to the ideals of service in the helping professions and the goal of seeking knowledge through scientific research. Students pursue a BS in Psychology. Based on American Psychological Association’s (APA) Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major (APA, 2013), and The Assessment CyberGuide for Learning Goals and Outcomes (APA, 2009) since they became available in 2002 and 2003 respectively.

The Manor College University Center proudly offers the Alvernia University Bachelor of Science in Social Work

Earning a Social Work degree from Alvernia University through the Manor College University Center prepares graduates for competent and effective entry level generalist social work professional to work with diverse populations, especially those who are at risk of social, economic, political, and religious oppression; who have a commitment to education as a means of collaborating in the search for wisdom, as a means of promoting social justice and spiritual development and service as a source for transforming society and serving as a witness to the Franciscan tradition for caring for the most vulnerable members of society. Alvernia University is located in an ethnically diverse small city that is economically distressed and it is within this context that social work students are prepared to become generalist practitioners.

Guided by Franciscan values and the idea of ‘knowledge joined by love,’ and rooted in the Catholic and Liberal Arts traditions, Alvernia is a rigorous caring, and inclusive learning community committed to academic excellence and to being and fostering broadly educated, life-long learners, reflective professionals and engaged citizens; and ethical leaders with moral courage.

The compatibility of the respective mission of the University and the Social Work Program is structurally supported by the formal administrative organization of the institution and anchors the baccalaureate social work educational program that is consistent with the purposes, values, and ethical standards of the social work profession. Furthermore, this anchor and administrative structure provide the institutional foundation for the program’s rationale. Goals, objectives, curriculum structure and content, and the philosophy of social work practice which, in turn, provides the framework for implementing the educational program.

Through a critical awareness of individual and social values, students are exposed to a body of knowledge, which examines human behavior and development. Students gain the skills necessary to work effectively with individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities and the larger society.

Issues concerning ethnicity, culture, gender and populations-at-risk are incorporated throughout the program.  Students examine the contributions and needs of these special populations. The curriculum focuses on the various institutions, which are designed to provide social services.

The Social Work Program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.