*Pending approval by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education

The Mathematical Sciences Workforce Certificate includes courses in Algebra, Calculus, Economics, Biology, Physics and more.  This certificate prepares students for success in a mathematical science focused career. The total number of credits needed to complete the certificate is 24.

The Mathematics and Science Workforce Certificate is an excellent foundation for a variety of careers such as environmental sciences, agriculture, project management, actuarial science, engineering, and inventory control to name just a few.


MH103: College Algebra or
MH104: Algebra & Trigonometry I
(Quantitative Reasoning) (3 credits)

MH201: Calculus I or
MH203: Statistics I
(Quantitative Reasoning) (3 credits)

EC101: Macroeconomics or
EC102:  Microeconomics (Understanding Behavior and Society) (3 credits)

CS106: Introduction to Computer Concepts & Programming Logic (Technological Competency) (3 credits)
BI101: Biology I or
CH101: Fundamentals of Chemistry I
(Scientific Reasoning) (4 credits)
PH201: Physics I or
PH206: Calculus-Based Physics I (4 credits)
BI210: Special Studies in Biology or
CH210: Independent Study in Chemistry or
PH210: Independent Study in Physics (1 credit)

Total: 24 credits

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