The Mathematical Sciences Workforce Certificate includes courses in Algebra, Calculus, Economics, Biology, Physics and more.  This certificate prepares students for success in a mathematical science focused career. The total number of credits needed to complete the certificate is 24.

The Mathematics and Science Workforce Certificate is an excellent foundation for a variety of careers such as environmental sciences, agriculture, project management, actuarial science, engineering, and inventory control to name just a few.


MH103: College Algebra or
MH104: Algebra & Trigonometry I
(Quantitative Reasoning) (3 credits)

MH201: Calculus I or
MH203: Statistics I
(Quantitative Reasoning) (3 credits)

EC101: Macroeconomics or
EC102:  Microeconomics (Understanding Behavior and Society) (3 credits)

CS106: Introduction to Computer Concepts & Programming Logic (Technological Competency) (3 credits)
BI101: Biology I or
CH101: Fundamentals of Chemistry I
(Scientific Reasoning) (4 credits)
PH201: Physics I or
PH206: Calculus-Based Physics I (4 credits)
BI210: Special Studies in Biology or
CH210: Independent Study in Chemistry or
PH210: Independent Study in Physics (1 credit)

Total: 24 credits

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