EN101: Fundamentals of Composition I or
EN103: Effective Oral Communication or
BA202: Business Communications (Communications Skills) (3 credits)
EN201: Introduction to Literature or
EN207: Introduction to Film or
EN209: World Literature (3 credits)
PL100: Philosophy and the Human Condition (Critical Thinking) (3 credits)
RS102: Biblical Themes or
RS103: World Religions or
RS107: Religion and Human Experience or
RS08: Contemporary Religious Values (Spiritual and Ethical Values) (3 credits)
PS101: Introduction to Psychology or
SO102: Introduction to Sociology or
SO103: Contemporary Social issues or
EC101: Macroeconomics or
EC102: Microeconomics (Understanding Behavior and Society) (3 credits)
CS106: Introduction to Computer Concepts and Programming Logic (Technological Competency) (3 credits)
HS105: Culture, Race, and Ethnicity in American History or
HS 109: Women in America or
HS210: The Making of Modern Philadelphia (Diversity and Global Awareness) (3 credits)
LA299: Liberal Arts Internship (3 credits)


Total: 24 credits