EFDAs are part of a team of dental professionals who are certified and licensed to perform reversible restorative dental procedures as set by the guidelines of the Pennsylvania State Board of Dentistry, under the direct supervision of a dentist.

Manor College offers an Accelerated Part-Time Evening EFDA Certification Program for dental assistants and hygienists who are currently working in the field of dentistry. To prepare for this program, please carefully review the prerequisite requirements and courses offered by our Continuing Education Department.

Certification Requirements:
Prior to enrolling for the EFDA Certification Program, candidates must satisfy the following prerequisites through the Continuing Education Department:

*Certified Dental Assistant or Registered Hygienist

Pennsylvania X-ray Certification

Current CPR Certification (Health Care Provider)

*If you are not a Certified Dental Assistant, you can take the Certification Review Course for Dental Assistants (CDA Review) through the Continuing Education Department at Manor College. This will prepare you for the Dental Assisting National Board Exam. Although, successful passing of the practice/challenge test at the end of this course will satisfy the CDA requirement for the evening EFDA Certificate Program at Manor College!

*Dental Assistants who are not X-ray Certified, must also take the Review for PA X-ray Certification.

*It is mandatory that Dental Hygienists, Certified Dental Assistants (and those who have completed Manor’s CDA course and successfully passed the practice/challenge test) successfully complete the Survey of Dental Anatomy at Manor College.

For more information on these prerequisites, call the Continuing Education Department at Manor College at 215-884-2218

For more information and course descriptions for the Evening EFDA Certification Program, contact the Director of the EFDA program.

For more information about the admissions process for the Evening EFDA Certificate Program, call admissions at 215-884-2216, ext. 231

Certification Review Course for Dental Assistants- 32 CEUs

Gain greater earning potential as a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA). Prepare for the Dental Assisting National Board Exam. Topics include: infection control, chairside procedures and dental materials. Eligibility Requirements: Three years full-time experience and current Healthcare Provider CPR. Successful passing of the practice test will satisfy CDA requirement for EFDA Certificate Program at Manor College!
Dates: Thursdays, 9/28/17 – 12/14/15 (excl. 11/23)
Times: 6:30-9:30pm
Cost: $325
Textbook: Separate Fee

Instructor : Joanne Villante, CDA, EFDA
To register: call 215-884-2218 or click here to register online with a credit card. 

Review for PA X-Ray Certification- 12 CEUs 

Prepare for the PA Radiological Examination. Topics include: radiation safety, radiological film and storage, intraoral radiographic techniques, processing and mounting and evaluation of radiographs. Prerequisite: Must have at least 6 month to a year dental experience. For those who are NOT X-Ray Certified in PA and aspire to enter EFDA Certificate in January, this course is a requirement.
Dates: Wednesday, 9/6 – 9/27
Times: 6:30 – 9:30 pm

Cost: $150 
Materials Fee: $40 paid to the instructor the first night of class
Instructor: Kathy Malone, RDH, EFDA

To register: call 215-884-2218 or click here to register online with a credit card 

Survey of Dental Anatomy- 33 CEUs 

For the practicing dental assistant to further his/her career into Expanded Functions. Emphasis is placed on terminology, nomenclature, and form and function of the mouth in general, as well as the study of each individual tooth.
Dates: Mondays, 9/11 – 11/20
Times: 6:30-9:30pm
Cost: $325
Textbook: Woelfel’s Dental Anatomy
Instructor : Joanne Villante, CDA, EFDA

To register: call 215-884-2218 or click here to register online with a credit card. 

Radiology Review for the Dental Professional- 4 CEUs 

Designed to meet the current DEP requirements (which need to be updated every 4 years) for all dental professionals who work with radiation. Topics include: rules and Regulations, Properties of X-radiation, the dental X-ray machine and x-ray generation, interactions of X-radiation and matter, X-ray film and image production, radiation and image characteristics (including kVp and mA), radiation biology, patient and operator safety, patient management, intraoral techniques and errors, panoramic exposure technique and errors, infection control, quality control and digital and 3D cone beam imagery.
Date: Saturday, 11/4
Time: 1:00-4:00pm
Cost: $95
Instructor: Kathy Malone, RDH, EFDA
Call 215-884-2218 to register or click here to register online with a credit card.   

Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist 

Dates: Saturday, August 12 & Sunday, August 13, 2017
Saturday, August 19 & Sunday, August 20, 2017

Manor College Dental Hygiene Program is proud to offer a training course to prepare licensed dental hygienists for certification in administering local anesthesia. This course has been approved and satisfies the didactic and lab experiences required by both the PA and NJ State Boards of Dentistry regarding administration of local anesthesia for dental hygienists (NJ approval No: 15-148).

Participant is required to complete the registration form and mail it with the necessary payment and supporting documentation to the address shown at the top of the registration form. A completed registration form (with full payment and documents) is required to reserve a seat in the training course. Registration is accepted on a first come basis. Registration is not complete without supporting documentation and full payment.

Goal: To provide the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully complete the training course and to apply for a state license to administer local anesthesia in approved clinical settings.

Tuition:  $1275 for the 4 session course. Lunch is on the student’s own time.

Required Textbook: 

Bassett, K., DiMarco and Naughton, D. (2010). Local Anesthesia for Dental Professionals. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. ISBN 978-0131589308 . First edition may be less expensive to purchase used. Second edition (2015) is fine as well.

Participant is expected to purchase the textbook and bring it the first day of class. This is a very content-intensive course; therefore, it is strongly recommended the student begin to read the first several chapters of the textbook prior to the first day of the class.

Lecture outlines, copy of PowerPoint slides and other handouts will be provided.

Class Size

Class size is limited to allow for direct faculty supervision.


The following documents are due at the time of registration and must remain in effect for the duration of the course:

  1. Copy of current dental hygiene license to practice in Pennsylvania or NJ
  2. Copy of current liability insurance policy (policy available through ADHA)
  3. Copy of current CPR for Healthcare Providers
  4. Copy of a current valid drivers license (with photo)

The following documents are due prior to the first day of class:

  1. Complete and accurate medical history form signed by the student (supervising dentist will review; physician signature is not required)
  2. Signed informed consent form and photo consent form

Participants who fail to submit the required documentation as stipulated will be disqualified from participating in the course and will not be issued a refund.


The Dental Hygiene Program will provide the necessary disposable items for the clinical component of the course.

Participants are required to provide a suitable lab coat, scrub set, socks (crew-length), all-leather clinical shoes, safety glasses, dental supplies and items listed below. The Dental Hygiene Program adheres to OSHA/CDC/ADA guidelines for safety and infection control. There is no eating or drinking in the clinic and safety glasses must be worn by the patient and operator during patient care.

These items are due the first day of class:

  1. Bassett textbook
  2. Scrubs and lab coat, ankle-length socks, and all-leather clinic shoes
  3. Safety glasses with protective side shield. NO FACESHIELD
  4. Hemostat (sterile and marked)*
  5. Two aspirating syringes (sterile and marked)*

*Manor College will not be responsible for lost or missing items; be sure to mark all items by using a color-coded band or etching the participant’s name on the instrument.

  1. Blood pressure kit with stethoscope
  2. Watch with a second hand
  3. Three ring binder, note paper and pen

Refund and Cancellation Policy

There is no refund for withdrawing within 14 (fourteen) days of the first class or for withdrawing after the course begins. Participants may receive a partial refund for withdrawing in writing 2 weeks before the first day of the course. However, participants who withdraw will incur a withdrawal penalty fee resulting in a maximum refund of $600).

Caution: Questions about a possible medical issue MUST be discussed with the Course Coordinator prior to registering for the course. No refund will be issued for failure to obtain Course Coordinator permission for a substitute patient if there is a potential medical issue that precludes the participant from receiving local anesthesia. Refer to the informed consent policy described herein.

Manor College reserves the right to cancel the course. If the course in cancelled by Manor College, participants will be issued a 100% refund.

Course Coordinator

Joanne Scorpio, DMD
Local Anesthesia and Clinic Coordinator,
Manor College Dental Hygiene Program


Jane Hannon,RDH,MEd
Supervising Faculty,
Manor College Dental Hygiene Program

Lynn Puleo, DMD
Supervising Faculty,
Manor College Dental Hygiene Program

Tom Viola, BS, R.Ph, CCP
Manor College Dental Hygiene Program
And other instructors and teaching assistants as needed.

*Note: not all instructors teach at each course.

For more information, please contact:

PHONE: 215-885-2360 x285
FAX: 215-885-6084
EMAIL: jscorpio@manor.edu

Click here for the registration form


Coronal Polishing and Fluoride Application – 3 CEUs

This course is designed to provide Expanded Function Dental Assistants (EFDAs) the basic knowledge and skills to successfully and safely perform coronal polishing and fluoride applications.  Topics pertaining to coronal polishing include types of deposits, types of abrasives, techniques, indications for treatment and contraindications of treatment.  Topics pertaining to fluoride application include types of fluoride, application techniques, indications, postoperative instructions and safety concerns.  The course is presented in both lecture and hands-on participation formats.
Kathy Malone, RDH, EFDA, Instructor
For more information, call (215) 884-2218.

The following must be submitted before the start of class:
1) Current EFDA License (copy);  2) CPR Card (copy);  3) Health History;   4)Health Clearance (if Applicable)   5) General Consent Form;   6) Consent for Photos (optional)
Please download the forms here.

When complete, mail forms to:
Manor College
Continuing Education
700 Fox Chase Road
Jenkintown, PA 19046