Admissions RequirementsManor College vet school in Philadelphia

  • High school diploma or GED is required of all applicants (AVMA requirement).
Entry freshman college students (from high school or who hold a GED):
  • Copies of high school transcript or GED scores
  • Required SAT or ACT (within past 3 years)
    • SAT: > 900 combined score OR ACT: > 19 combined score
  • For student who have not taken SAT or ACT
    • Minimum High school GPA of 3.0
    • Minimum ‘B’ or better in Biology and Chemistry
    • Minimum ‘B’ or better in Algebra or Trigonometry
Transfer student from another college:
  • A grade of ‘C’ or better in college level Math, English and Science
Transferring into the VT Program from other majors at Manor:
  • A grade of ‘C’ or better in college level Math, Science and English
  • Note: we recommend MH110 College Algebra, CH101 Foundations of Chemistry and EN101 Fundamentals of Composition I
Additional Noteworthy Points:
  1. Admission to the program is contingent on the applicant’s ability to satisfy the required technical ability standards.
  2. For students who wish to enroll full-time in the VT program starting in a spring semester: the student should be able to complete all required freshman course work within the spring and subsequent summer semester, otherwise they should start as part time student.
  3. A prior criminal record may preclude a graduate of the program from licensure by the Pennsylvania State Board of Veterinary Medicine and a student should consult with the State Board of Veterinary Medicine prior to matriculation if they have questions/concerns.
  4. Successful completion of the following is recommended but not required if SAT scores are submitted:
  • 1 year H.S. or college Biology with lab
  • 1 year H.S. or college Chemistry with lab
  • 2 years H.S. or college Math including one year of regular Algebra


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