Skill building is at the heart of the Liberal Studies degree. Exposure to a strong foundation of knowledge helps students develop problem-solving and communication skills that apply to a wide-range of disciplines. The Interdisciplinary Concentration is perfect for creative and independent students!

The Liberal Studies-Interdisciplinary program is de facto interdisciplinary. Students benefit from an exploratory curriculum drawing from multiple disciplines.  Students create their own concentration using courses across the curriculum with the help of a faculty advisor. Students can apply the knowledge and skills they acquire from their self-directed concentration to a variety of careers, depending upon the focus. 

interdisciplinary studiesWhy You Should Choose Manor

From the moment you start your first class at Manor College, you’ll notice our student-centered approach. The courses you take here will be small, personalized and nurturing. This will make you grow, not only as a student, but as a person as well. Our faculty and staff will get to know you individually and guide you each and every step of the way. You will find out just why you belong here!

What to Expect from the Curriculum

This is the most flexible Liberal Studies baccalaureate option for self-motivated students who, with the guidance of a faculty advisor, formulate their curriculum from a mixture of program courses, general education courses, and 21 credits of 300-level and/or 400-level courses in each of any two of the following content areas: Pre-Law; Child Development; Entrepreneurship; and Humanities. The flexible nature of the program curriculum lends itself well to optimal credit transfer from other institutions.

Students with a Liberal Studies with an Interdisciplinary Concentration degree have job opportunities in the following areas:

  • Communications
  • Public service 
  • Social service
  • Management
  • Copywriting 
  • Grant writing
  • Advertising
  • Client services

And more. The exploratory nature of the degree ensures that students can learn about various different career paths through their studies, in order to decide what is right for them. Some students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies choose to continue their educational path and go on to receive a Master’s degree.

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