VT 229 – Sophomore Clinical Externship

This one semester clinical experience provides the sophomores with the opportunity to refine clinical skills in off-campus veterinary facilities. Students choose from a list of program-approved externship sites and are trained under the supervision of certified veterinary technicians or veterinarians. Approved sites include specialty, emergency and critical care animal hospitals, USDA registered research facilities, and veterinary practices that specialize in equine, feline and exotic animals. Excellent general small animal practices are also available. This course includes 12 weeks of full-time training. Students are expected to provide their own transportation and housing.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of all other degree requirements. Students may not be on academic probation and must have a GPA > 2.2 in all program, math and science courses.  The student must be covered by health insurance and be immunized against rabies and tetanus.

Permission is required from Manor College to utilize any part of these materials outside the realm of this course.

Information for Both Students and Site Supervisors

Information for Students

Student Assignment Materials