Manor College partners with StraighterLine

Manor College partners with StraighterLine to provide students with high-quality, low cost general education online courses Manor College, America’s only institution of higher education with a Ukrainian heritage and the best-priced tuition of any private Catholic college in Pennsylvania, has partnered with StraighterLine, the leading provider of affordable, online courses that earn college credit. This partnership will provide students a cost-effective and flexible way to complete general education courses online. Manor will accept up to 30 credits from online courses taken through StraighterLine. Please see the following for a list of courses that will be accepted for credit transfer. In addition, Manor will also be offering eligible students a tuition discount upon successful completion and transfer of StraighterLine courses. “We look forward to the collaboration with StraighterLine because they share our firm commitment to quality, student success, and degree completion,” said Manor College’s President Jonathan Peri.  “StraighterLine courses are recommended by the American Council on Education Credit and the Department of Education selected StraighterLine as an EQUIP partner – a strong reflection of their evaluation of StraighterLine curriculum.” This partnership shows the commitment Manor College has to continually seeking new and innovative ways to support the success and growth of its students. Providing traditional and adult students with flexible learning learning modalities all while staying budget-conscious. Of the new partnership, StraighterLine founder and CEO Burck Smith said, “As a college committed to providing students an array of options to help them direct their own learning and personal development, Manor aligns well with our own mission of helping students access high quality education through the best valued, self-paced online courses guaranteed to transfer for credit into applicable degree programs. By partnering with StraighterLine, Manor College is providing its students a flexible way to reach their personal, academic, and career goals.”

Manor College appoints Dr. David C. Greenhalgh, Ed.D. as Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs

An academic with a lifetime of experience in Christian nonprofit and higher education leadership, “Dr. G” is prepared to lead faculty and scholarship at Manor College during its national search for a next Vice President of Academic Affairs Manor College has announced that Dr. David C. Greenhalgh, Ed.D. will serve the Manor community as its Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) while it conducts a national search for a full time VPAA.  “Dr. G.” as he is affectionately known by his students and colleagues, was most recently the Interim Headmaster of Jackson Hole Classical Academy in Wyoming. Prior to that Dr. G was the Director of Eastern University’s Ph.D. program in Organizational Leadership, where he retired and was awarded the distinguished status of Professor Emeritus in 2015. Prior to starting and directing the Ph.D. program at Eastern, he was Dean of their College of Arts and Sciences, preceding which he was an Eastern Professor of Education and Director of their Educational Leadership Programs. Dr. G’s career began at the Rhode Island School for the Deaf, where he worked for a decade before being appointed founding Headmaster of West Bay Christian Academy in North Kingston, Rhode Island. He has authored numerous academic book chapters and articles focused on areas of leadership, morality, strategic planning, education, and spirituality. Dr. G has extensively presented, submitted papers, conducted workshops and has had many teaching engagements. Dr. G was awarded his diploma in theology and Christian education from Emmaus Bible College in Iowa, his Bachelor of Arts in history and social science from Barrington College in Rhode Island, his first master’s degree in modern European history from Rhode Island College, his second master’s degree in educational administration from Rhode Island College, and his Ed.D. in educational leadership: policy, planning and administration from Boston University in Massachusetts. Dr. G’s curriculum vitae doesn’t end there. He is a member of numerous boards and associations; works as a Senior Consultant with Paideia Inc, a comprehensive consulting firm with a biblical worldview that for more than 50 years has provided wide-ranging consulting services in five critical areas of operation that they call the “5 M’s:” mission, management, marketing, master planning and money; he’s received scores of certificates and extensive special training from a variety of education, nonprofit and other niche programs; has received countless awards; and somehow on top of it all, found time to travel the world for mission work and lecturing from Budapest, Hungary to Nairobi, Kenya. “Dr. Greenhalgh is perfect for this job” said Manor College’s President, Jonathan Peri. “He is a superb fit because of his credentials, a lifetime of academic and leadership experience, his scholarship is second-to-none, and most suitably, Dr. G. is an all-around great guy who deeply and authentically cares about the world. He’s been to so many global locations to help start a new nonprofit or to help preach the gospel. He is everything it means to be a conscientious Christian. He’s going to be a wonderful Interim VPAA,” Peri said with a smile, “He’s giving us time away from his very blessed family, and it is his way of gracing us.” Dr. G currently resides in Massachusetts with his wife Ellie and they have 15 grandchildren. For Greenhalgh, serving at Manor College means a stint back in Pennsylvania at an institution that has quickly become mighty. Because Manor is a close-knit community, it is able to offer its students a 10:1 student teacher ratio, which allows its faculty to serve as mentors to students, and enhances the student experience, positioning them for great opportunities in life. This is confirmed when looking at Manor’s numbers. In comparison to peers, Manor’s graduation rate and average salary after graduation are both higher than the national average. A good example are Manor’s pass rates for its Dental Hygiene and Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA) Programs, both of which had 100% pass rates on their state examinations and 100% employment in their field of training according to the most recently available data. Manor also attracts top talent like Greenhalgh because it was recently named the Top Five Best Two Year Colleges in Pennsylvania by, a leading resource provider for higher education and career information. But it won’t be solely a two year college for long. Manor visions itself as becoming a “2+2” institution that will offer both Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees. Manor is the best priced-private Catholic college in Pennsylvania and has been recognized as the safest college in Pennsylvania.

Set for Success: Manor College 2016 graduate, Ronnetta Dillard, exemplifies how hard work can lead to a bright future

For Ronnetta Dillard, a Liberal Arts 2016 graduate, receiving her degree was not the only thing she accomplished at Manor College. She consistently took the extra step needed to succeed which left her with a strong skillset to pursue her Bachelor’s degree from Alvernia University, while earning the Opportunity Scholarship provided by GlaxoSmithKline. The scholarship, worth $5,000, honors those students who will thrive in their field, and who have overcome adversity in their life. With the education she received from Manor College, Ronnetta Dillard is bound for a bright future in the field of healthcare administration.  Why did you choose to attend Manor College? I chose Manor because I was referred by a close friend who was also a student during the time. She went to Manor straight out of high school, while I waited a year so she was able to give me an idea of her experience at Manor. I told her that I was looking for a small sized campus where I could easily adjust, stay focused and get the attention/help I need. What was your favorite part of Manor College? My favorite part of Manor was being able to get the highest amount of information and assistance about College in general from each and every staff I encountered with about; credits, financial aid, student portal, registration, etc. Not only was this a great advantage because very few student have knowledge of these things prior to arriving, and/or as a freshmen, but also I loved the fact that it was also very easy to connect with a tutor, as well as the facility who assists students when working in the library. I also enjoyed the campus cookouts before the summer break were student had the opportunity to relax, eat, listen to music and dance! How has Manor College gotten you to where you are today? Manor College has gotten me to where I am today because I know now how to manage my college life fairly independently, and also help other college students who haven’t received the same amount of help I did from Manor. Was there anyone at Manor who had a strong impact on you? (professor/staff/etc.) The biggest impact on me at Manor College was my advisor and professor, Mike Landis, who guided me to figure out the best options within my field of interests. He also helped me find  the most cost efficient, and strategic way of picking classes so that I could not only get a head start when continuing at a University, but also avoid taking unnecessary courses. He made it a little less stressful to manage my courses, and pushed me to be able to finish my last semester with a total of 6 classes at once. He also encouraged me to become the proud Phi-Theta-Kappa member that I am today. Mike Landis also supported me through numerous amounts of scholarship applications through letter of recommendations, which was also a huge reason why I currently received the GSK scholarship. Mr. Landis was not only a big support throughout my college career both inside and outside of Manor, but was also almost always available despite his busy schedule, as well as always had the right resources to direct me to when something was outside of his field of expertise. Who was your favorite professor while at Manor? My favorite professor at Manor was Professor Marc Minnick.  He went above and beyond to make sure his students understood the material both inside and out of the classroom.  He was the professor in my Financial Accounting class and his calm presence made the normally hard subject a lot easier.  Professor Minnick also wrote recommendation letters for me which was greatly appreciated. Do you have any advice for current students at Manor? The advice I would give to current students at Manor would be to utilize all resources that are offered at the school. Since Manor is considerably small sized, each department is very easy to communicate with, as well as very professional. Considering that I had the experience to compare a large sized college, after completing just one semester, I had not only realized the advantages of small classroom settings, but also the advantage I had at Manor College as a whole. I would also say that utilizing the lounging area, library, and the learning center, between classes, as a studying area, setting to complete homework, or to just relax can also be very helpful, especially for full times students. What does being awarded the GlaxoSmithKline Opportunity Scholarship mean to you? Being awarded the GSK Opportunity scholarship means a lot to me and is truly a blessing. It gives me a sense of relief that hard work in fact pays off, as well as motivation to continue to work hard. What are your career goals? Within the next year, a short term goal that I am currently working on, is to continue to exceed academically and gain as much hands-on experience as possible through internship and/or community service.  I plan to accelerate in my career to the highest capability, and potentially complement my bachelors degree with a Master’s in public health.  

Manor College hires Kimberly R. Hamm as its next Director of Development and Alumni Relations

A development leader with experience fundraising for Temple’s Fox School of Business, Kim Hamm is poised and ready to blaze a trail at Manor College. Manor College announced today that after a yearlong national search, its next Director of Development is Kimberly Hamm. Hamm is currently the Associate Director of Development & Alumni Relations for Temple University’s Fox School of Business overseeing select advancement staff, activities and initiatives for more than 65,000 members of Fox’s alumni and benefactor community. In her first two years at Fox, she increased alumni engagement by more than 100%. She was also leading a $2M annual fund effort on behalf of the Fox School of Business. The move is a keen one for Hamm, who lands herself in a world of opportunity at Manor College. Manor’s new president, Jonathan Peri, has been in office for just 18 months, and in that time the college has been keeping up a break-back pace – renovating old facilities into new, rebranding its logos, launching a new website, improving the organization of its structure and operations, and creating new opportunities and innovative programs for students such as fully online courses in healthcare administration, liberal arts, and business administration. Indeed, Manor College is making such incredible progress that it recently announced its vision of academic offerings beyond its current two year associate’s degrees, to also offer bachelor’s degrees. It expects to more formally announce specific bachelor’s programs once all approvals are in place; a project President Peri and the college community have been working on ambitiously. For Hamm, moving to Manor College means moving to a smaller institution; an institution that has quickly become mighty. Because Manor is smaller, it is able to offer its students a 10:1 student teacher ratio, which allows its faculty to serve as mentors to students which enhances the student experience and positions them for great opportunities in life. This is confirmed when looking at Manor’s numbers. In comparison to their peers, Manor’s graduation rate and average salary after graduation are both higher than national average. Manor also attracts top talent like Hamm because it recently was named the Top Five Best Two Year Colleges in Pennsylvania by, a leading resource provider for higher education and career information. Manor is the best priced-private Catholic college in Pennsylvania and has been recognized as the safest college in Pennsylvania. Manor’s President, Jonathan Peri said, “Kim was worth the wait. We may be seen as moving at lightning speed, and in more than a few cases we are, but we’re also being very strategic. We really wanted someone with the right skills, ability to create, and the right ‘can-do’ attitude. Development leaders need to approach their position with a strong vision for the office’s direction, poise, and the eye of the tiger. Kim has that.” Before working at Temple’s Fox School of Business, Hamm served in development roles at the National Kidney Foundation, United Cerebral Palsy, and started her career in sales at Elsevier. Hamm earned a B.A. from Drexel University and is currently pursuing an M.B.A. from Temple. She is also conversational in five languages.

Manor College connects its past with its future by partnering with Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University in Ukraine

On Wednesday, May 31, 2017, Jonathan Peri, President of Manor College and Dr. Stephen Grieco, Vice President of Academic Affairs met via Skype with Igor Tsependa, Rector and Andriy Zagorodnyuk, Vice Rector of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine to sign a first of its kind partnership agreement connecting the two institutions for collaborations. This agreement means that the institutions intend to engage in: joint research projects and scientific conferences exchange scientific data, curricula and scientific literature prepare scientific publications containing the results of joint research participate in joint international programs and projects exchange scientific, pedagogical staff and students scientific internship jointly seek support for the purposes of the objectives of this Agreement “Our agreement with Precarpathian is a first among several anticipated.  Manor College intends to be the American hub for Ukrainian university collaboration in the United States.  Our agreements will not only bridge the gap for students and faculty in our respective countries as it concerns our own institutions, but beyond that we have agreed to be prolific, and to introduce each other to future partners in both countries.  It’s not just a win for both of us, but a win for all institutions who inform that they wish to join us.  This is what the academy is and should be about,” said Manor College’s President Peri.  He added that “This is not just about academics either.  This is about helping Ukraine to westernize so that we can help them to resist the negative influences that they fight against.” For Manor College, being America’s only institution of higher education that was founded by Ukrainians, being founded by The Sisters of Saint Basil the Great in 1947 – this partnership is opening the door for unlimited opportunities of global partnership with other institutions from Ukraine and around the world.  This partnership also means that both institutions are to stay connected and in open communication with one another about upcoming events, programs and campaigns – with the hope that administration, faculty and staff from both institutions can be of some assistance to one another in terms of promotion and idea sharing. Manor College welcomes Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University to their Manor family and is excited to be considered the American hub for Ukrainian institutional partnerships worldwide. On October 26, 2017, Manor College will be hosting a Ukrainian Dialogue titled, “Ukraine – America’s Relationship & Moral Obligation” with Congressmen Brian Fitzpatrick and Brendan Boyle.  On the same date the college will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony to unveil the newly renovated Ukrainian Heritage Studies Museum which will include the Maria Mazur Pysanky collection. All are invited to attend the dialogue and ribbon cutting, including Manor’s new partner, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University.