Fly Eagles Fly (Ukrainian Style)

By Irena Gramiak I live in Philadelphia, and the day before Super Bowl Sunday everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, in the city was bleeding green (the Eagles’ color). From the old to the young, it was like a contagious fever that swept over our area. It was the only thing people wanted to talk about, and our region’s Ukrainian school students were no exception. This includes the students in the Philadelphia area who attend a new Ukrainian school that was created last year. It is called the Ukrainian Nest and has a home at Manor College. My mother and fellow Branch 88 member Chrystyna Prokopovych and I run the Saturday morning programs at this new Ukrainian school. The Ukrainian Nest offers an alternative learning environment to the traditional Ukrainian classroom. Our students learn Ukrainian language and culture through songs, games and activities. Students and teachers sit on the floor, move around as much as possible, and often get loud. One of the nice things about working in the school is watching the interaction between the older and younger students. The younger students naturally look up to and admire the older ones. The older ones surprisingly embrace the role model position. They always try to set a good example for the little ones. They love the opportunity to teach them something new, especially something they themselves have created. Our students have fun while learning, partly because we try to relate our lessons to things that interest them. The day before Super Bowl Sunday was no exception. It was evident from the moment the students walked into the building; there was only one thing on their minds: E-A-G-L-E-S! My mother who has never been an Eagles fan (or a fan of anything related to football at all) quickly said “I need to do something eagles with the oldest group.” There was a twinkle in her eyes as she jotted down the words to the Eagles’ fight song. Then she walked down the hall to her classroom. The oldest group of students, who range in age from 9 to 11, were asked to translate the fight song into Ukrainian. What happened next was amazing. They were immediately excited! If you were to walk by their classroom and look in you might think you were observing a think tank for a new age tech company in California. Some kids had their shoes off, some were sitting on the floor, and some were standing. Some were squeezing stress balls in their hands while shouting out ideas, while others were using the computer to look up words. No matter how they looked or what they were doing they were all passionate about the task at hand and that’s what really matters. When the students engaged in the project were finished, they taught their song to the younger groups of students. The older students were very proud of their work and were very excited to be the teachers. It was particularly heartwarming to see the younger and older students interact.  When it was time to go home, we invited the parents into the classroom and the students all sang the song. They were not lined up in perfect rows on a stage wearing matching vyshyvky. They didn’t practice a performance piece for weeks before the big recital. They simply sang the words they wrote, and that’s what made this so amazing.  The song itself was in no way perfect. Some of the words were a little silly, some of the lines didn’t fit the beat quite right, but they tried and they were truly excited about using the Ukrainian language, a phenomenon that I consider an incredible success. Well, as all of America now knows, the Eagles won the big game. On the Monday following the game, one of our Nest parents jokingly said that our song helped them win. For me the big win was seeing students embrace the Ukrainian language, try their hardest, and actually have fun in Ukrainian school. Touchdown! Originally published in Our Life Magazine Re-published with permission from the author  

Manor College Honors Dr. Robert J. Orsher with the Community Leadership Award.

Manor College Honors Dr. Robert J. Orsher with the Community Leadership Award. Evening with Manor was held on Thursday, April 19th at the Abington Arts Center. Evening with Manor honored Dr. Robert J. Orsher with the Community Leadership Award. Dr. Robert J. Orsher, founder, co-hospital director, and chief of surgery at the Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center – BluePearl Veterinary Partners (VSEC), has been a long-time friend and gracious supporter of the Manor College Veterinary Technology Program. Dr. Orsher has guest lectured, established VSEC/ BluePearl as a preferred externship site for Manor’s veterinary technology students, and helped bring digital radiology technology onto campus through his philanthropy. With the evening benefiting Manor College Veterinary Technology, the event served as the kickoff for the campaign to support laboratory renovations the department will soon undergo. Current laboratories will be redesigned to expand and enrich the veterinary programs and their impact on the community. These renovations will accommodate the expansion of the department to include a Bachelor’s Degree of Veterinary Practice Management. Representatives from local veterinary practices and the Manor College community enjoyed an evening of music, good food, laughter, and community support. The program consisted of speeches from Chairman Elect Dennis McGrath and President Peri, discussing the transformations the college has made and the growth that Manor will continue to foster. Honoree Dr. Orsher spoke about the growing profession of veterinary technology, “Educated and credentialed veterinary technologists are vital to the success of veterinary practices and are in high demand. With the growth of the veterinary technology facilities and program at Manor, we can have a larger impact on the animal community that we serve.” In addition to the warm speeches, beautiful venue, and friendly atmosphere, the evening was a success, raising more than $65,000 for the much-needed veterinary technology renovations. Be part of the transformation, you can help us continue to make a difference! Your contribution will go towards improvements and renovations for the Veterinary Technology Program. Click here to view photos from the Evening with Manor

Art Haywood Selected as Manor College 2018 Commencement Speaker

Manor College recently announced that Art Haywood, Pennsylvania State Senator, will be the Commencement Speaker for the upcoming graduation on May 17, 2018. Haywood has been an advocate for hard work and education, that stems from his upbringing and his mother who was a public-school teacher.  Haywood attended Morehouse College, the London School of Economics and the University of Michigan Law School. His legal work is comprised of saving families from home foreclosure, aiding nonprofit organizations, representing organizations focused on community, education, and affordable housing. Manor College President, Jonathan Peri stated, “Senator Haywood has been a proponent of higher education student needs. His experiences are informing and our graduates will be blessed by his insights.  We are looking forward to his presence on campus with us for such a momentous occasion.”  Haywood was recently on Manor College’s campus for a Lecture Series honoring Black History Month.  The administration, faculty, staff and students at Manor College are excited to welcome Haywood to campus next month.