Social Justice Symposium – Oct. 24

Manor College Hosting Social Justice Symposium with Poverty Simulation On October 24, 2017 Manor College will host it’s third annual Social Justice Symposium on campus from 12:30 – 4:15 PM.  The event is being hosted by the Sisters of Saint Basil, Manor College and the Justice Studies Association, a student academic club on Manor’s campus.  This is an annual event that the college holds, in the spirit of Saint Basil the Great who dedicated his life to helping the poor, hungry, and homeless. Mary Sims, Director and Professor of Legal Studies stated, “The idea behind the symposium is to bring to the campus and community the social justice issues that we address here on campus and that are done in the spirit and honor of Saint Basil.  This year the focus of the Symposium will include an experience that details the problems and issues regarding hunger and poverty.  Incorporating this with the start of our Manor College food pantry, Bird Feed, is also something that we feel is a good fit and helps to alleviate some of these issues with regards to our students.” Included in the list of presenters is Thomas M. Verni, M.A., Basilian Associate; Rev. Patricia Neale, Director, Feast of Justice; Allison Mootz, M.Ed., Dean of Students at Manor College and Thomas Sims, Chief Development Office of the Food Bank of South Jersey.  The event will start with a Poverty Simulation in the gymnasium located in the Mother of Perpetual Help Hall on October 24th at 12:30pm.  The simulation will help show some of the challenges around food access for individuals and families who experience food poverty through a role-playing activity.   Manor College strives to stay abreast with social justice topics and recently opened up a Food Pantry, Bird Feed as a response to the common issue that many college students face each day- not having access to food.  This year’s symposium will be the fourth event of its kind at Manor College.  The event has been a success in previous years and the college anticipates the same outcome for this year.

Alumni Profile: Selicia Tucker, ’10

“I was in community college and it wasn’t working.” Selicia Tucker, a first-generation college student, graduated from Manor College in 2010 with an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, and acquired a Master’s in Organizational Leadership Management from Peirce College in 2017. When she first enrolled in college, she attended a community college and soon realized, “it wasn’t the fit that I needed”. When she transferred to Manor College, Manor offered smaller class sizes and more professor interaction than community college. She described Manor’s professors as, “really encouraging and really supportive”.  Manor gave her hope, strength, and tenacity which prepared her for success at Peirce and in life.  As a first-generation college student, not only did Selicia overcome the odds by enrolling and graduating with an undergraduate degree, but she also earned a master’s degree. Her advice to current students is, “don’t give up!”In her free time, she likes to read, exercise, and volunteer at soup kitchens.

Say “Hello” to Manny, the official mascot of Manor College

Manny was an abandoned egg next door in Alverthorpe Park. Some of the Sisters of St. Basil were walking the park and found him, cared for him and nurtured him, and taught him everything from math to Ukrainian to free-throws. He and Mac, our thoroughbred horse next door in our barn, are best friends. At any given moment, Manny will be found on our campus planting trees, greeting students, dancing around campus, eating snacks in our campus café, Manny’s Market, and otherwise fiercely cheering on our athletics teams. Manny’s favorite color is Manor Blue. His favorite song is “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake and it’s rumored that Manny has found pieces of thread that Betsy Ross (who lived on Manor’s campus for a short while) used in her preparation for sewing the flag. Next time you see Manny, feel free to challenge him to some dance moves. Welcome to Manor Manny – we are blessed to have you as a part of our family!