Manor College Provides Care for Injured Ukrainians

Last February, during one of Manor College’s Ukrainian Dialogue Sessions, Marcy Kaptur, Ohio Congresswoman, challenged every person in the audience to have an impact on the issues currently taking place in Ukraine.  Norma Hall, former Rotaract Advisor, addressed this challenge with the Rotaract Club and it became the main focus of the 2016-2017 academic year. Thanks to social media, the Manor Rotaract Club received contact information for Svitlana Televiak Kutia, Kyiv Rotaract Past- President who was starting this initiative over in Ukraine.  The club also received help from Arthur Pogorelov, Kyiv Rotary CLub President and Olena Pododiashcha. During the summer of 2016, the club worked to solicit donations from local hospitals, instead of trying to raise the funds.  Steve Vahey of the Glenside Rotary Club helped the college receive an Allstate Grant for the project with Wyncote Academy Interact Club as a partner.  Saint Basil Academic also provided assistance through their bake sale to raise more money. The Alpha Beta Gamma Honor Society of Manor College held a Technology Workshop in the Spring, which called for donations for the project.  Holy Redeemer Hospital graciously donated two Philips Heart Monitors. Jefferson Hospital donated between $75,000 and $100,000 in surgical instruments. Glenside Rotarian Barb Nye donated several boxes of medical supplies. On November 28, the items were shipped to the Kiev Military Hospital.     The Rotaract Club would like to thank everyone who helped in this initiative, especially Norma Hall who arranged everything from start to finish.  

Manor College Launches Military History Institute

On March 6, 2018, Manor College launched the Military History Institute, a brand-new enterprise that encompasses all aspects of military history.  Over 30 guests, many who have never stepped foot on the campus before, were in attendance. A noteworthy addition to the launch was Abraham Lincoln’s blood, present in an enclosed frame for all attendees to see.   The already existing Civil War Institute received a positive response when World War II classes were inserted into the curriculum, which commenced the start of the Military History Institute.  The courses in the institute include both ancient and modern military topics.  “In the classic tradition of storytelling, instructors enchant and entertain participants by delving into the personal drama and intrigue of the men and women who lived through truly tumultuous times thus conveying not just episodic facts and figures, but revealing the greater thread that connects us all to the tapestry of history,” stated Nick Rudnytzky, Dean of Academic Services at Manor College.   Herb Kaufman, Treasurer of the Delaware Valley Civil War Round Table and Founding Instructor of the Civil War Institute, stated “We found that members of the community have an interest in many aspects of history, not only the Civil War.  With the view of reaching out to more members of our community, we have inaugurated the new History Institute at Manor College. We believe that this wide variety of course offerings will be stimulating and thought provoking. We very much hope that once the community becomes aware of our intriguing line of course offerings, and more people will indulge their curiosity about the course of history.” The first Military History Institute course, Et Tu, Brute? The Assassination of Julius Caesar will take place on March 28, 2018 from 6:30 to 8:30pm. For more information about the Military History Institute courses, please visit this page. 

Save Lives, Give Blood!

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FREE Career Fair: 4/11/2018

Meet Employers or Hire a Blue Jay! HIRE A BLUE JAY If you are interested in being a recruiter at the Manor College Career Fair and meet educated, hard-working and passionate potential employees to join your team, please contact Christie Prince, Director of Counseling at (215) 885-6299.

W.W. Smith Charitable Trust awards $30K in scholarships to Manor College Students

Once again, the Trustees of the W.W. Smith Charitable Trust have awarded Manor College a one-year $30,000 total scholarship grant for the 2017-2018 academic year. Five student recipients were chosen that embody the core values of Manor College with their academic success and community service efforts, on- and off-campus. A straight A student, sophomore liberal arts major Marta Penkalskyj is from Northeast Philadelphia and a graduate of Saint Basil Academy.  Penkalskyj is passionate about history and is the president of Manor’s ‘Hands on History’ club which engages “students on campus and the surrounding community around archival research and oral history,” says Penkalskyj. Penkalskyj feels that the W.W. Smith Scholarship has blessed her to be able to focus on her studies and service instead of having to worry about finances.  This financial freedom has allowed Penkalskyj to volunteer in Ukrainian culture classes for small children on-campus and at her local parish.  Penkalskyj will graduate from Manor College this May, and plans on continuing her education, majoring in history. Her goal is to pursue a career in diplomacy or teaching after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree. Damien Schweizer is also a sophomore liberal arts major from Northeast Philadelphia, originally recruited for the men’s soccer team.  Schweizer admits to not knowing much about Manor before attending, but says he knew almost instantly that the welcoming atmosphere had him knowing he belongs here. Captain of the men’s soccer team, Schweizer also works as a Student Ambassador on-campus to help recruit future Blue Jays. Schweizer feels grateful for the opportunity that the W.W. Smith Scholarship has given him and credits it to helping him become a better student in order to maintain his GPA. Schweizer will graduate from Manor College this May and has plans to continue with his studies. Andrea Schuitema is a freshman veterinary technology major from Harleysville, Pennsylvania. Schuitema graduated from North Penn High School.  Her transition from a large high school to a small college has been a positive one. “There are 3,000 students at [my high school]. I am an introvert, so getting to meet new vet tech students in a smaller setting early on was really helpful to me,” says Schuitema. The W.W. Smith Scholarship has provided a great financial relief to Schuitema, a resident student at Manor College. Her goal is to receive her vet tech certification in the next two years and begin working in the field. Cody Bane is also a freshman veterinary technology student from Abington who chose Manor College specifically for the veterinary technology program and its stellar reputation.  Bane is a hard-worker; he is working full-time while carrying a full-time academic load. He is particularly grateful for the W.W. Smith Scholarship. “The [W.W. Smith] scholarship helps out a lot! I am paying for everything myself, and money is tight.” Dominique Calio is a freshman allied health science major. Calio is a graduate of St. Hubert Catholic High School for Girls in Philadelphia. She chose Manor because she loved the intimate size of the campus and student body. Calio is a resident at Manor and enjoys the convenience of not having to drive to campus on a regular basis.  She is also thankful for the support from the W.W. Smith Charitable Trust.  “It’s nice to be able to [communicate with] the people who gifted me with this amazing scholarship and to say thank you. I feel very grateful.” Manor College, along with our W.W. Smith Scholarship recipients would like to thank the Trustees of the W.W. Smith Charitable Trust for bestowing this scholarship to the Manor College community. Manor College continually works to make our tuition more affordable to our students and this scholarship has made a significant impact. Eligible students for the W.W. Smith Scholarship are full-time undergraduate students in a degree-granting course of study. Permanent residents of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery or Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania, or the city of Camden in New Jersey. Students must be in good academic standings with a grade point average of 2.5 or better, and who have unmet financial need.