Manor College Launches Engineering Science Program

Engineering has been a longstanding career option for students who are interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field is projected to grow, with an estimated 139,000 new jobs by 2026. Manor College recognizes this significant growth and has launched a Engineering Science associate’s program.  What is the program?  The Engineering Science program consists of courses in chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering design and more. There are two tracks to choose from—Engineering Science Transfer Track and a Career Track. The Engineering Science Track will prepare students to enter a Bachelor’s degree-granting program while the Career Track will help students launch their career with an associate’s degree in Engineering Science. Some possible career opportunities with this program include: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, test engineering and more!  Why should students choose this program?  Manor prides itself on providing an accessible and affordable education. College is an investment. 94% of students at Manor receive financial aid. Scholarships, grants and work study positions are also available—we want education to be as readily available as possible. In addition to our price tag, students receive personalized attention which sets them up for success upon graduation. Manor College’s Engineering Science program can also provide students with the opportunity to prepare for the rigorous curriculum of an engineering program they choose. Manor’s instructors and advisors can work with students to help determine their career path.  “Manor College is continuing to provide more opportunities for our students. We are excited to launch two new Associate programs in Engineering. These will be the first new programs since our successful launch of Bachelor’s programs in 2018. These programs will allow students to either start a career as an Engineer Technician or build a strong foundation to continue their education is an Engineering Science program.”, stated Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Marc Minnick. Are you interested in learning more about this program? Contact the Office of Admissions today at More information on the Engineering Science program can be found here.

Vet Tech Students Prepare for Career by Returning to Campus

Vet Tech students returning to campus are learning what their daily work routine will look like when they graduate as Certified Veterinary Technicians. Being a Vet Tech means many long hours and hard work. Caring about animals has to be the most important objective for Vet Techs—they have an extreme amount of pressure put on them and have to be “on” at all times while they are working. Dr. Stephanie Marks would like people to know that Vet Techs are essential employees.  Dr. Stephanie Marks, Program Director of Veterinary Technology, stated,  “I think it’s important for people to realize, Veterinary professionals are essential workers. Whether it’s a pandemic, blizzard, hurricane, or other natural disaster, animals rely on us for medical care. The vast majority of careers in the veterinary medical field can not be done remotely, or socially distanced from the general public and colleagues.  As a teaching institution, we have a responsibility to prepare these future essential workers on how to stay safe while continuing to provide necessary medical care to animals.”  Tamia Gladney, current Vet Tech student added, “The Vet Tech instructors  at Manor have not only enforced but taught me the significance of professionalism. Every class is handle as if we are in a professional setting, which instills the natural tendency for me to be professional at all times” It is impressive the number of hours these students have put in, to prepare themselves to provide care for animals. Manor College Vet Tech students receive extensive training through their classes and labs. The pandemic our world is facing right now will surely change the future of Vet Techs and hopefully shed more light on how Vet Techs are essential employees.  Manor College offers an Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Practice Management. Learn more about our programs.