Manor College Hosting Justice Studies Conference for Campus and Community

Manor College is hosting a Justice Studies Conference on Tuesday, April 4 and Wednesday, April 5. Included in the conference is a Criminal Justice and Career Workshop.  This conference is open to the public – all are welcome to attend! On Tuesday, April 4 there will be a trip to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania at 8:45AM. On Wednesday, April 5, there will be several speakers on campus at Manor College in the Basileiad Library. Included in the speakers is Robert J. DeSousa, Esquire, State Director, United States Senator Pat Toomey; Sterling Johnson, Esquire, Researcher and Consultant, Legal Studies;  Brian Haughton, Corporal, Philadelphia Police Department;  and Curry Bailey, Student Disciplinary Hearing Officer.  In addition, there will be a panel discussion titled “Landing That First Job: How to Apply Yourself”.  Members from the Montgomery County Paralegal Association and the Philadelphia Association of Paralegals will be present, including Christine Flynn, Paralegal at Haggerty, Goldberg, Schliefer & Kupersmith; Judy Stouffer, Law Firm Administrator and Senior Paralegal at Berner, Klaw, & Watson; Lisa LaPenna, Paralagal at Kaplin, Stewart; and Lisa McDermott, President at Everett Kelly Recruiters. Mary Sims, Director and Professor of Legal Studies stated, “It is so important to know your rights and to hear about the social and legal issues that are currently affecting our society.  For those of you who are interested in pursuing employment or education, and even if you aren’t, this will be an eye and mind opening conference to attend.” Manor College hosts several events throughout the year regarding justice studies and all garner successful outcomes. The college anticipates the same result for this conference.  Please contact Mary Sims at or 215-885-2360 ext. 256 for more information.  

Manor College Honors Women’s History Month

A month dedicated to remembering and honoring different women throughout history, Women’s History Month allows us to look into our own community.  We spoke to various women in the Manor Community including Dr. Diane Pevar, Assistant Dean of Academic Support and Retention.  We asked her several questions about what this month means to her and these are her responses: Why do you think Women’s History Month is important? I have two answers for this questions: (1) I think we have an information gap in the world today.  By that I mean that far too many girls and women are unaware of how oppressed women have been throughout history and that we continue to be treated unequally. The first step to moving forward is to understand how far we’ve come and what still needs to be done. (2) It’s very important to provide girls with role models who can inspire them and, through their stories and achievements, lay out a path that others can follow. Are there any women throughout history that have impacted you in any way? If so who and why? Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher and Indira Gandhi are among my heroes because they were elected to the highest positions in their countries (all prime ministers) long before women’s rights were recognized. In the United States we have very few females serving in government and, of course, have yet to elect a female President. I strongly support organizations such as Running Start that are dedicated to education and to getting young women involved in politics.  To effect change our voices must be heard. Is there any advice you would like to give to female Manor students? Words of encouragement? Dream big and never give up your dreams.  Women are needed in every career, but you may have to fight for the opportunity to achieve your dreams. You are never alone; there are women who have forged the path you’re on who will always extend a helping hand to you. Stay tuned throughout this month for more stories about women in the Manor community!

Manor College’s Joanna Bassert, VMD wins McGuffy Longevity Award

On February 22, 2017,  Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA) announced the winners of the  William Holmes McGuffey Longevity Award.  Included in the list of six winners was McCurnin’s Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians, 8th edition by Dr. Joanna M. Bassert and John A. Thomas.  Dr. Bassert is Director and Professor for the Program of Veterinary Technology at Manor College.   The textbook is a core text for most of the Veterinary Technology programs in the U.S. and Canada.  Additionally, it has been translated into many languages throughout the world. Dr. Bassert’s work on the book began nearly 20 years ago when she started on the Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians when it was in its 5th edition.  Bassert stated that this award “acknowledges the sustained effort of Dr. Dennis McCurnin (who worked on the first 7 editions) and me (who worked on editions 5-9).  It also represents a passion for the profession and a vision for its role in veterinary medicine. Amy Daskilewicz, a Vet Tech major at Manor College said, “Dr. Bassert is an invaluable asset, not only to the Vet Tech program at Manor, but to the whole school. I’m very proud when I tell prospective vet tech students that the head of the department is also the author of the textbook.” Joanna Bassert has been working at Manor College since 1992.  She has taught Introduction to Veterinary Technology, Clinical Pathology, Small Animal Procedures, Animal Anatomy and Physiology, and Sophomore Clinical Externships.  Her academic specialties and interests include Comparative Mammalian Anatomy and Physiology.  Dr. Bassert will be accepting the William Holmes McGuffey Longevity Award early this Summer. Congratulations Dr. Bassert!

Ukraine Dialogue: Education as the Battlefront of Democracy

If you attended our Ukraine Dialogue: Education as the Battlefront of Democracy – please take our attendee survey here Ukraine Dialogue: Education as the Battlefront of Democracy On April 6, 2017 at 2pm, Manor College will host it’s third Ukraine focused dialogue, with the focus and title being, Ukraine: Education as the Battlefront of Democracy. This dialogue will be held in the Manor College auditorium at 2pm (reserve your FREE ticket here) and will host a networking luncheon prior to the dialogue at 12:30pm (purchase your luncheon ticket here). This dialogue will examine the most crucial areas of educational reform needed in Ukraine in order to protect and preserve free and democratic ideals. Currently, the chief looming crises in Ukrainian education are conflicting ideals held by post-communist era sympathizers who have failed to embrace Western philosophies, and pay-to-GPA corruption where those entrusted with educating Ukraine’s students are accepting cash for grades.  The issues have connection through Ukraine’s history with Russia and the resultant impact of the strained relationship on Ukraine’s economy.  Is there hope for reform and increased international credibility of the Ukrainian educational system?  Can the Ukrainian community and concerned Americans help Ukraine to resolve these crises?  Join us for our program and help us as we work toward uncovering and acting to embolden a solution.       Speakers will include:  Dr. Serhiy Kvit, Professor of Kyiv-Mohyla School of Journalism and former Minister in the Ministry on Education and Science of Ukraine Alex Kuzma, Chief Development Officer of the Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation Dr. Andriy V. Zagorodnyuk, Vice-Rector of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University Moderator:  Dr. Albert Kipa, Former Rector ‘President’ of Ukrainian Free University in Munich, German, Professor Laureate of Comparative Literature, Muhlenberg College Thank you to our sponsors:  Ukrainian Selfreliance Federal Credit Union Ukrainian National Federal Credit Union Ukrainian Congress Committee, Philadelphia Chapter Organization for the Defense of Four Freedoms for Ukraine Register for this FREE dialogue here and register for the networking luncheon here