Manor College Hosting Justice Studies Conference for Campus and Community

Manor College is hosting a Justice Studies Conference on Tuesday, April 4 and Wednesday, April 5. Included in the conference is a Criminal Justice and Career Workshop.  This conference is open to the public – all are welcome to attend!

On Tuesday, April 4 there will be a trip to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania at 8:45AM. On Wednesday, April 5, there will be several speakers on campus at Manor College in the Basileiad Library. Included in the speakers is Robert J. DeSousa, Esquire, State Director, United States Senator Pat Toomey; Sterling Johnson, Esquire, Researcher and Consultant, Legal Studies;  Brian Haughton, Corporal, Philadelphia Police Department;  and Curry Bailey, Student Disciplinary Hearing Officer.  In addition, there will be a panel discussion titled “Landing That First Job: How to Apply Yourself”.  Members from the Montgomery County Paralegal Association and the Philadelphia Association of Paralegals will be present, including Christine Flynn, Paralegal at Haggerty, Goldberg, Schliefer & Kupersmith; Judy Stouffer, Law Firm Administrator and Senior Paralegal at Berner, Klaw, & Watson; Lisa LaPenna, Paralagal at Kaplin, Stewart; and Lisa McDermott, President at Everett Kelly Recruiters.

Mary Sims, Director and Professor of Legal Studies stated, “It is so important to know your rights and to hear about the social and legal issues that are currently affecting our society.  For those of you who are interested in pursuing employment or education, and even if you aren’t, this will be an eye and mind opening conference to attend.”

Manor College hosts several events throughout the year regarding justice studies and all garner successful outcomes. The college anticipates the same result for this conference.  Please contact Mary Sims at or 215-885-2360 ext. 256 for more information.