Well-Traveled Manor College Freshman Leaves Culinary Industry to Pursue a Career Veterinary Technician

Margherita Beatrice D’Ottavi, of Lower Merion, found a love of animals while spending time living in Africa. Born in Egypt, raised predominantly in Italy and having spent significant time in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Hungary, Switzerland, France and the United States, Margherita Beatrice D’Ottavi has lived in more countries than most will visit in their lifetimes.  Throughout Read more >

Remote Learning Aids Manor College Student Serving in the Military

Riley, a sophomore studying Pre-Nursing, will be learning remotely until Summer 2022. Riley admits that she prefers learning in person. There’s just a different element sitting in a classroom to write notes and learn from the professors, she says. But when the call came to serve her country during the Summer 2020, virtual learning became Read more >