Graduate Uses Drive for Education to Obtain Second Degree from Manor College

Kassandra Stone ‘23 (Central Bucks South High School – Chalfont) graduates from Manor College with her Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in May.

Kassandra Stone ’23

Kassandra Stone ‘23 felt unfulfilled. She enrolled in a local community college straight out of high school, but wasn’t happy with her surroundings.

“I just felt like I wanted more,” Stone said. 

During the Fall of 2010, Stone explained the situation with her friend, who was now living in Florida. The friend suggested taking some time to come visit her in Florida. Stone packed a bag and left. She’d stay in Florida for the next year, living only out of that suitcase.

“I almost lived like a beach bum,” Stone said. “I look back sometimes and I think, ‘It was a crazy time when I went to Florida.’”

Stone returned home after the first year to pack the rest of her life and permanently move to Florida. She wouldn’t return back permanently until 2015. 

“I missed my family,” she said. “After a while, I realized I needed to do something with my life.”

Stone began working at a local dental office. Over a few months, one of the dentists suggested a career as a hygienist. Another woman working at the office told Stone about Manor’s Dental Hygiene program. 

While she admits the difficulty of the program, Stone knew things were different at Manor than they had been in college after high school. 

“I think I’ve been super blessed with really great teachers that gave so much support,” Stone said. “They care so much about how we do. Not even just me, but everyone in the program. That wasn’t something I felt the first time around.” 


Stone believes returning to college as an adult learner came with an increased sense of responsibility. 

“I knew the importance of an education because I’m older,” Stone said. “I will give 110% on all of my assignments. I’m just motivated to finish strong and do well.” 

After she graduated with her Associate’s Degree in Dental Hygiene in 2020, Stone returned to Manor College. On May 11, she graduates again with her Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary studies. 

As crazy as dropping her bags and moving to Florida might seem, Stone’s days now might be even crazier. She finished college while working full time as a hygienist, raising two children and planning for a wedding this July. She keeps her drive by focusing on the children. 

“When my kids are older, especially my nine-year-old, I want them to know that I did this all for them,” Stone said. “A lot of my time is devoted to school and work, so I want him to see that I couldn’t go outside to play with him because I’ve been working so hard to give him financial stability.”

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