Dual Admissions Agreements


Dual Admission is a new type of agreement which grants guaranteed admission to a four-year college or University to currently enrolled Manor students who complete designated Associates Degree programs at Manor providing certain criteria are met.

  • Achieve a minimum GPA – varies with the college

  • Earn a “C” in all major courses transferred into a Bachelor’s Degree major

  • Sign an Intent to transfer form before the deadline – The forms are available from the Manor College Transfer Center.  Deadlines vary with the college.

  • Only certain majors are eligible as listed in the agreements

  • Must keep the same major - cannot change majors when transferring under Dual Admissions

  • Follow the advising qualifiers (course requirements vary among the colleges, even for the same major, specific courses must be taken at Manor in order to complete the degree in two years at the transfer college.  Advisors and the Transfer Center can help with course selection.)

  • Must graduate from Manor with an Associates degree

  • Must enroll within one year of graduation from Manor College

  • Must not have attended any other college between graduation from Manor and enrolling at the Dual admissions college

  • Manor students may sign only one “Intent to Transfer” form for Dual Admissions

Need more information?
Talk to your advisor or visit the Manor College Transfer Center.

Need an “Intent to Transfer” form?
You can only get one from the Manor College Transfer Center.

Remember: While you may only obtain and send in one “Intent to Transfer” form, you can apply via regular admissions, if you wish, to other colleges.