Standout Student, and First-Ever Bachelor Degree Graduate, Zachary Metz, Receives First-Time Kyle McIntosh Memorial Award

Manor College creates new student leadership award to honor late alumnus, Kyle McIntosh ’16 Manor College held a Virtual Student Leadership Awards Ceremony on April 28 to honor current students who display outstanding leadership in the community and with their peers.  This year, a new award was added to the list—The Kyle McIntosh Memorial Award. This award recognizes a student leader who embodies the spirit, energy, kindness and love of Manor, that Kyle McIntosh ‘16 personified, an alumnus that tragically passed away in February of 2020. McIntosh was heavily involved on campus, planning student activities, hosting events and more. He was a diligent student who achieved stellar grades, made deep friendships and was always the life of the party – cracking jokes, having fun and making everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. The entire Manor community is deeply saddened by his loss.  Allison Mootz, Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs, said, “Kyle was a bright ray of sunshine on a gloomy day. We stayed in touch after he left Manor College and went to complete his bachelor’s degree at LaSalle University. I followed his successes and cheered him on. In January, Kyle stopped by campus and it was such a special visit—I remember we spent a lot of time laughing at some of the fun memories of when he was a student. He was loved by so many and he will be dearly missed. I hope that by creating this memorial award, we are honoring his spirit.” Zachary Metz, a recent graduate from the Class of 2020, earning his Bachelor’s in Business Administration, is the recipient of the Kyle McIntosh Memorial Award. Metz is described as an energetic, kind and also bright light, by his peers. He is heavily involved in many areas of the college including Campus Activities Board and was President of Student Senate.  “I was very surprised to receive the Kyle McIntosh Memorial Award and did not realize Dean Mootz was talking about me during the presentation until she mentioned me ringing the hallway bell every time I walked by! It is honestly a blessing to be considered for an award especially to be the first recipient. As grateful as I am for the award, I am only sorry I did not get an opportunity to know Kyle,” remarked Metz. The entire college community is proud of Metz for this achievement and looks forward to honoring McIntosh in the future.    

Manor College offers College 101 Program for High School Students

Students ages 16+ can take fully online summer classes at Manor and receive college credits for only $300! What is the program?  Manor College has launched a program for high school students over the age of 16. Through this program, students can earn up to 12 college credits during the summer, which can be used toward earning an Associate’s and/or Bachelor’s degree! One of the most exciting parts of the program is the cost. Each class costs only $300. College classes typically cost a few thousand dollars. This low cost will allow high school students to get ahead while saving exponentially. Marc Minnick, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, stated, “Now that high school students have become experts in online learning, College 101 gives them the opportunity to use those new skills and start earning college credits at an unbelievable rate!” The first summer session starts on May 18, 2020. Students can choose from BI101 Biological Science with Lab, CS105 Intro to Computer Fundamentals, EN101 Fundamentals of Composition and MH110 College Algebra. Students must be registered by May 13, 2020, to enroll in the first session. The second session starts on July 1, 2020. Students can choose from BI106 Human Nutrition Science, EN102 Fundamentals of Composition II and PS101 Introduction to Psychology. The deadline to register is June 27, 2020, for the second session.  How do students register?  Students should fill out the form on this page and someone from the Manor team will be in touch ASAP.  More information about the program can be found here. Contact Dr. Marc Minnick, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, at if you have any questions!   

Manor College Becomes SAT/ACT Optional

In an effort to support its future Blue Jays and to continue providing the most personalized education possible, Manor College has made the decision to waive the SAT/ACT test requirement for prospective first-year undergraduate students. Students that are applying with a high school GPA of 2.0 or greater, will not be required to submit SAT/ACT test scores, as it is now an optional requirement. Testing for SAT and ACT exams has been suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak, and Manor College is taking every measure to demonstrate flexibility for its students during this incredibly stressful time.  The decision applies to students who have submitted applications for fall 2020 and to those who will apply in the future. In addition, Manor College joins the list of schools that have moved the fall deposit deadline from May 1 to June 1. According to Vice President of Enrollment, Daniel Perez, “Becoming test-optional aligns our admissions procedures with our core values as we review each student’s application in a holistic approach.  Success should not be determined by a standardized test score; instead, it should include the opportunity to work tirelessly in the classroom, complete extracurricular activities, and get involved with the community. These are truly transformational experiences that mirror an education at Manor College.”   While more than 1,600 students have applied so far to be first-year students at Manor College for this fall, the best priced private residential Catholic college in Pennsylvania is grateful to have the opportunity to provide such a high quality college education with an incredibly affordable tuition.  “Right now coronavirus is creating impediments to education that we are clearing away,” said Manor College’s President, Dr. Jonathan Peri. “Between our small class environment, affordability and accessibility, and being well known for our ability to connect students to jobs, we were already the best choice for students.  This adds a whole new level of accessibility during a time when it’s most needed.” Both President Peri and VP Perez acknowledge that high school GPA and community service and commitment are significant predictors of success at Manor College while SAT/ACT scores are not a significant indicator of success in college. However, prospective first-year students must meet all other admission requirements in order to be accepted.  

Sisters of St. Basil Make Masks for Healthcare Workers during Pandemic

The Sisters of the Order of Saint Basil the Great might be handling the COVID-19 quarantine better than most–they are monastics after all. Yet even their timeless regime of prayer and ministry was altered by the pandemic. Most of the Motherhouse at Fox Chase is much quieter than usual save for one room full of activity. There the Sisters engage in what has quickly become an essential craft: producing masks for healthcare workers. Sr. Teodora sits at a sewing machine where she turns rolls of fabric and lace into today’s hottest commodity. Beautiful abstract and floral prints take shape and in turn are neatly ironed and stacked by Sr. Olha. Now they are ready to ship, but rather than Amazon Prime customers these masks will be received by nearby Holy Redeemer Hospital. The project was a spontaneous initiative conceived during Holy Week but involves two much older elements of the Sisters’ identity. First, for the task of making masks, the Sisters draw from the rich tradition of sewing and embroidery handed down for generations in Ukraine and later throughout the diaspora. Second, their involvement in healthcare dates back to Basil of Caesarea himself, whose monastic foundation in fourth-century Asia Minor helped address the medical needs of the poor. Thus, it is fitting that today the Sisters of Saint Basil have combined the penchant for textile handiwork of Ukrainian culture with their Order’s dedication to the sick. The mission of the Sisters of Saint Basil is to bring about the praying, healing, and life-giving presence of Christ. Once social distancing made this difficult to do in person, they found another way, one responding directly to the needs of our time.

Manor College Playing Part to Help Community During COVID-19 Crisis

Manor College Offers Manny’s To-Go Service for Food Pantry Pick Up To Students In Need  The Manor College community has been playing its part to assist in providing help during the COVID-19 pandemic. The College’s campus is physically closed, but the spirit and devotion to the community is still very much present.  The Bird Feed, an on-campus food pantry that is utilized by students who face food insecurity, is still collecting donations and packing up food bags for students and families in need. While Manor’s buildings are physically closed, the Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs, Allison Mootz, realized there was something that needed to be done to help those in the Manor community battling food insecurities. Manny’s-To-Go Service was quickly created, where students can safely pick up a bag of food on campus without risking being physically close together. Members of Security, who are considered essential personnel and are still on campus, are gathering the food for the students, making up the food bags from the Bird Feed and leaving it in the gazebo on campus for students to pick up, creating a no-contact delivery. “The Bird Feed has helped a number of students and their families during this time. Students in need of food may contact the Bird Feed and request a bag. Public Safety Officer, Fran Stevenson, has generously offered to pack the bags and leave them at the designated pick up point. Additionally, we are offered Easter Dinner Baskets to students who requested one. These bags included items for an Easter Dinner plus an Acme gift card,” says Dean Mootz. During these turbulent times, it has been amazing to see the Manor College community come together and provide resources to keep the Bird Feed stocked and running. An Amazon Wish List has been created so that members who want to show their support can and during this time of campus being online, the Bird Feed has received over $10,000 in donations from our generous community of donors.  The Dental Health Center and the Dental Hygiene Program recently donated masks, gloves and other supplies to Chestnut Hill Hospital and Einstein Medical Center, in response to the serious shortage that many hospitals and medical facilities are facing.  In addition, the Manor College community is currently working to create homemade masks for Holy Redeemer Hospital. Ginny Saunders, Dean of Allied Health and Director of the Dental Hygiene program added, “We are very fortunate to be in a position to lend a helping hand to our community medical personnel. These brave men and women risk their own health and lives every day while serving the needs of those who have been stricken with COVID-19. Please keep them and all victims of this pandemic in your prayers.”  Manor College has always been an advocate of helping the community and will continue to do so in safe ways, during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information about COVID-19 and Manor College, please visit